Great Moments in the History of Not Giving a Fuck: The Guy Who Refused To Do The Nazi Salute

If you want to see someone who epitomizes The Art of Not Giving A Fuck, look no further than the image below…

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“It was Nazi Germany in 1936, and a crowd of people had gathered in Hamburg to watch the launch of a navy training vessel. As hundreds raised their arms in unison in the Nazi salute, one man stood with his arms crossed, his eyes squinting at whoever was leading the salute.”¹


That one man was August Landmesser, connoisseur of  the “just because everyone’s doing this dumb shit, doesn’t mean I’m going to”-mentality.

I applaud ol’ August. What a G, and what a testament to moral heroism. This one action serves as a reminder that no matter how fucked up a society is, the human spirit will never be completely extinguished. Free will is a trump card we can pull out at any time. We always have the choice, though we might be conditioned to think otherwise. Oppressive control systems only come to fruition through our acquiescence.

Their power over you is only the result of you not knowing your own.

Our main man August was fearless in his epic moment of noncompliance. Fear allows us to be manipulated oh so easily (like everyone else in the picture), but if you don’t give a fuck (aka don’t give into fear), you take your power back. You can’t be controlled. You can’t be herded. You can’t be easily manipulated. You become your own person whose actions are based on what you feel to be right… Now that’s empowerment, and August Landmesser embodied it.

“Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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Stay feelin good, feelin’ great my friends.

-Stevie P!



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