Great Moments in the History of Not Giving a Fuck: Viral Edition

Good news…

The Art of Not Giving A Fuck eBook is set for release on Tuesday, February 25th!

And as the third and last installment of the mini-series “Great Moments in the History of Not Giving a Fuck,” I present to you the viral edition…

1. Russian guy dancing at a resort

I don’t think there’s anyone in the world more comfortable in their own skin. While most people are too self-conscious to even participate in things like this, this guy has the time of his life. Plus, he’s got some moves too. Fun over fear, my friends.


2. Guy singing and dancing to Bon Jovi at a Boston Celtics game

This guy (Jeremy Fry) does what everyone really wants to do, and it’s so awesome. So many people are so self-conscious and stuck living vicariously that they just sit there like zombies at events. Not this guy though! He doesn’t give a fuck. He made the day of thousands of people at the game, and millions who’ve seen it on Youtube. If I was wearing a hat, I’d tip it to this guy.


3. 55-year-old hard-drinking Slovenian man swims the entire Amazon River

Yeah, you read that right. That guy (Martin Strel, pictured above) really swam the entire Amazon, no fear and no fucks given. Read the article, it’s great. What an absolute legend.


4. Russell Brand tearing newscasters apart and mocking the current state of mainstream “news”

Russell Brand says what’s on his mind, doesn’t have any inhibitions, and shatters the trance that TV news usually has people in. And he does it all in a witty, hilarious, and surprisingly polite manner.


5. Elliott Hulse – Brain Slave No More

In this video, Elliott both discusses and demonstrates how we imprison ourselves in our bodies. He yells, stomps, shakes, screams; all of the things we would reactively (because of conditioning) call “crazy.” But you know what!? He’s right. How good does it feel to scream at the top of your lungs? It’s a cathartic release. We’re so conditioned to suppress feelings, emotions, and expression. But once you allow yourself to express (especially through the body), it’s positively liberating and creates harmony on so many levels.

Hope you enjoyed all these great moments. I hope they made your day. And I hope you, like me, have been inspired by some of these.

Can you think of any other Great Moments in the History of Not Giving a Fuck? Comment below.

And remember…

The Art of Not Giving a Fuck eBook is set for release on Tuesday February 25th, 2014. Mark your calendar!

Stay feelin’ good, feelin’ great.

Much love.

-Stevie P!


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