Use This Strategy To Accomplish Anything (Part 2)

This is part 2 on how to accomplish anything. Read part 1 HERE.

Everything you progress in is an epic journey.

And a journey is all about consistent movement while embracing (and hopefully enjoying) the process.


But sometimes you need sign posts; markers to let you know where you’re at along your journey. Sometimes you need to have your eyes set on a “check point”, generating a newfound spark of motivation to keep pushing.

To reach those check points along your journey, you can unleash a secret weapon…

The final push strategy.

Which can be summarized like this…

Write it down. Share it. Set a deadline. Make the push.

Writing something down, sharing it, and setting a deadline makes  you so much more likely to accomplish anything. They give you the mentality that you can’t NOT do it, and act as the fuel for you to make that final push.

Note: This technique is for concrete goals that you can set for yourself. It should be used when you need that extra push. Your day-to-day routine should be more system, or habit oriented, than goal oriented.

You’re going to make the majority of progress by developing systems or habits. This strategy is for that extra push when you find something specific that you really want to accomplish.

This technique is your haymaker. In a boxing match, a good boxer doesn’t throw haymakers the whole fight. A good boxer jabs, blocks, and looks for openings. Then, when the opportunity presents itself, they throw a big punch. Your system/routine is your jab, your bread and butter. And the final push strategy is the knockout punch.

Get in the ring and dominate.

How to implement the final push strategy:

1. Writing things down. Simply write down your goal, aspiration, or whatever it is you want to make the final push at.

When you write something down, it makes it more tangible. The mere act of writing  desires/goals/aspirations makes them wayyy more likely to come into fruition. Writing serves as a portal through which the intangible enters the tangible world. That’s why it’s so beneficial in manifesting what you want.

2. Sharing. Share your aspiration. Tell a friend, tell your mom, share it on Facebook, send it to an anonymous goal-logging organization; whatever floats your boat.

Sharing puts your goal out into the world. It also creates public accountability. This allows you to leverage your ego and use it as a tool to accomplish something. Whenever you openly declare an aspiration, you’ll have no trouble finding motivation to achieve it.

3. Setting a deadline. Create a reasonable deadline to accomplish your goal, and stick to it.

As humans, we work well with deadlines. A sense of urgency kicks us into high gear.

Note: Deadlines are useful for things we need to proactively work towards, but not really necessary for desires which we attract. For example, are you going to set a deadline to have a girlfriend within 3 months? Nope, this is a desire that you indirectly attract. But what you can do is accomplish goals that will help you attract a girlfriend. Like meeting 10 new women in 3 months. Or losing 10 pounds of body fat in 3 months.

4. Make the push. Take massive action.

This is where you boost your system into hyperdrive to accomplish what you want. You’ll probably do a lot more than normal. But it’s short-term. Go too hard for too long and you’ll inevitably burn out. That’s why I stick to an simple, easy, consistent system most of the time, and give that extra push when I decide to accomplish something very specific.

How I used the final push technique:

Case study on myself – Writing The Art of Not Giving a Fuck:

My system was to write, edit, or research at least something every day (no matter how small of a task).

Once I was close to being done, it was time to implement the final push strategy. I set a deadline for myself (in this blog post) to catalyze my final push. I found myself slowing down towards the end, so I needed to set a deadline to help me with the final push. Sharing my deadline in writing took care of steps 1-3 (described above) in one shot. This instantly gave me tremendous motivation to complete The Art of Not Giving a Fuck by the deadline I had set.

I apply this technique for everything goal-oriented, and it works.

Think about it. People naturally kick into beast mode when they have a deadline (especially a public deadline). Ex/ Preparing for weddings or vacations is the ultimate call to action for people who want to get in better shape. It’s hard NOT to be motivated and take action in cases like that.

Now you have the tools to accomplish anything. Now it’s only a matter of taking consistent action.

Stay feelin’ good feelin’ great.

Much Love.

-Stevie P!

PS- Get your hands on The Art of Not Giving a Fuck. It’s well worth it.

Stevie P