A Message To My Twin Flame

I wrote this a couple months ago and I’ve been sitting on it. So I figured putting it out there might help bring it to fruition, and maybe spark something within you (the reader) as well.

My twin flame soul mate

The other me

I feel your presence
I feel us calling out for each other

We share the same essence
Yet inhabit two bodies

The day we coexist in this reality
Already brings a smile to my face

We will share experiences
Explore together
Grow together
Better each other
Uncover our true self together

A celestial tag team
In this magical game of life

Our relationship will be a reflection
Of the relationship within ourselves
Heart-based, not ego-based
Embracing love, letting go of fear
We will share this experience of life
Share joy
Share happiness
Share Love
Love is meant to be shared, right?

Revealing to each other
As much as we reveal to our self

Coexisting in blissful harmony

The mere thought of one another
Creates a soul-bursting smile

Can you feel it?

We already have an infinitely deep connection
A unity which transcends space and time

This is my call for our divine oneness to manifest in this reality

My twin flame soul mate

The other me

I Love you


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Stevie P