Back to Your Essence

I’m reaching out
To pull you back to your essence

That pure love
You embodied as a child

Do not bury it
Do not hide your face

Do not rob yourself
Of your own radiant innocence

You… are worth it
You… are worthy

No need to fear
No need to worry
No need for anxiety
No need for guilt
No need for shame
It’s all illusion
Smoke and mirrors

Let your light shine

No need to fit in
We came here to stand out

We came here to be free
We came here to learn
We came here to experience
We came here to discover our true self
Revelation through challenges

You are the creator
Of your greatest joys
And deepest sorrows

Self-love comes first
Everything else follows

Let go and fly
Embrace your inner dove
Remember who you are
Infinite LOVE



Stevie P