A Message to the Controllers


How long can you hold a giant beach ball underwater?
Before its unavoidable rise to the surface

How long will you play a game of never-ending whack-a-mole?
Before you realize another one will always pop up

How long can you block the flow of a river?
Before the water eventually collapses your dam

The sun is always shining
No matter how many clouds are in the sky

You can hide the truth
But it is always there
For those who have eyes to see
For those who remember…

Truth is infinite love
Everything else is illusionary

Fear is false evidence appearing real

Love is the dazzling stillness of infinite possibility
Of which we are all aspects
The delusion of separation is fleeting
As we break through our shells

Growth occurs through duress
Obstacles stand as tests
Our wings are developed
Birthed by challenge
Ready to inevitably fly the nest

Love prevails

Stevie P