What Time Is It?


What time is it?
It says 11:11
Seems like a moment ago
It was just after seven

My, my
Doesn’t time fly?
Cuckoo clocks
Crazy time

Oh it’s daylight savings
Fall behind an hour
Then spring ahead
Wait, it’s not really constant?
Like they always said?

Time is a consensus
Time is borrowed
International Date Line
Go across and say hi to tomorrow
Or traverse the other way
Now it’s yesterday

Oh time zones
Imaginary lines sown
Drive for 5 minutes and cross
Now it’s an hour behind
Go back again
And the hour rewinds
Call someone in India
11 hours ahead
But both are in the ‘now’, right?
Maybe it’s all in the head

Oh it’s leap year
Let’s add a day
‘Cause they don’t quite fit
Had to devise a way
Rotation of Earth
Revolutions ‘round the sun
From the time of birth
Until the body is done

Time is amusing
A convenient illusion
Taking us out of the present
And into the past or the future
Creating a culture
Of anxiety and worry
Can’t talk now I’m late
Bitch! I’m in such a hurry!

We use schedules
Trains, flights and meetings
That is…
‘Til we travel through teleportation
And speak in telepathic greetings

A new paradigm awaits
Only if we let it
What time is it now?
I’m too in the moment
Forget it

Stevie P