42 Ways To Reclaim Your Authentic Self


Your authentic self is free. Your authentic self is loving. Your authentic self is fearless. Your authentic self is fun. Your authentic self is unique. Your authentic self is child-like (without being childISH). Your authentic self is blissful. Your authentic self is expressive. Your authentic self is at ease. Your authentic self is totally at peace. Your authentic self is your essence.

Your authentic self is compromised by fear. Your authentic self is compromised by conditioning. Your authentic self is compromised by caring about what others think. Your authentic self is compromised by living in the past or future. Your authentic self is compromised by comfort zones. Your authentic self is compromised by self-imposed limitations. Your authentic self is compromised at your job (Ask yourself this… “Am I truly, 100% myself at my job?”). Your authentic self is compromised at the store. Your authentic self is even compromised at home.

We’ve completely lost touch with our authentic selves in today’s society.

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Here are 42 ways to reclaim your authentic self:

1. Create. Write, draw, build something…etc.

2. Express yourself. Dance, sing, scream, chant, run, jump, skip, climb a tree. Stop suppressing everything and do what your body feels like doing.

3. Don’t follow the crowd. Your authentic self is brilliantly unique. Embrace it.

4. Be random and spontaneous.

5. Love yourself 100%.

6. Go into nature.

7. Travel. Leave your comfort zone.

8. Use your imagination.

9. Stop caring what other people think.

10. Choose love over fear in every situation. Let love be your guide.

11. Play.

12. Laugh.

13. Get back into your body. Run, sprint, work out, do yoga, play a sport, practice martial arts…etc.

14. Give.

15. Compliment people.

16. Live in the present moment! Stop living in the past or future.

17. Question everything.

18. Don’t rigidly identify with labels (race, religion, nationality…etc).

19. Admit when you’re wrong.

20. Master your mind, don’t be a slave to it.

21. Stop complaining.

22. Stop letting your ego run the show.

23. Stop trying to change others. Focus on changing yourself and lead by example.

24. Don’t judge.

25. Breathe deeply.

26. Read a book (and throw out your tv).

27. Meditate.

28. Hone your intuition. Move from thinking to feeling.

29. Find what excites you, and pursue it.

30. Find a job that aligns with your life purpose.

31. Or start your own business and work for yourself.

32. Look up at the stars at night.

33. Get rid of all your useless stuff. You don’t have to be poor or homeless, but having too much stuff ties you down.

34. Be around people who inspire you. Spend less time around those who bring you down.

35. Appreciate each of your senses.

36. Show gratitude.

37. Stay humble, but retain unshakeable confidence.

38. Feel compassion. Experience empathy.

39. Voice your opinion.

40. Assert yourself.

41. Don’t be afraid to dream.

42. Smile.


Stevie P