My Problem With Feminism

To preface this post:

  1. We’re all equal, yet unique.
  2. Society has been overly patriarchal for a long time and that needs to change.
  3. I believe that a more matriarchal society would be much more beneficial for humanity.
  4. There is no denying that feminism has accomplished a lot in terms of equality and women’s rights.


My problem with feminism lies within the phrase “You can’t fight fire with fire.” In fighting the often-oppressive patriarchy, those who label themselves feminists tend to exaggerate their masculine qualities. So by fighting (even the word ‘fighting’ is very masculine) for women’s rights, they ironically become more like the men they’re criticizing. It’s like the recurring theme of governments throughout history… One tyrant is overthrown, only to be replaced by another. Because in the act of overthrowing, you’re forced to become tyrannical yourself.

This is also evident in the workforce. When “playing the corporate game” you need to do certain things to move up the ladder. These usually involve the not-so-positive masculine qualities. But here’s the thing, you won’t change the hierarchy from the inside. You will only become the hierarchy by doing so. That’s why many women in high-ranking corporate positions exhibit the same traits and behaviors as the men. Because you need those traits in order to rise to the top of these rigid, hierarchical organizations. Instead, both men and women should focus on solutions. Building organizations that embrace the feminine side, instead of the exaggeratedly masculine corporate structure we’ve traditionally seen. This comes in the form of entrepreneurship and creating companies that place people over profit.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”  – Socrates

Both men and women need to tap into their feminine qualities. The sacred feminine exudes qualities of unconditional love, compassion, wisdom, beauty, gentleness, patience, accepting, forgiving, nurturing, welcoming, healing, receptivity, spontaneity, intuition, and right-brain creativity.

This shift is the basis for solving the problem of exaggerated, masculine rigidity that has pervaded society for the last few millennia. The feminine essence has been suppressed so vehemently because its very existence renders the control system obsolete. It’s that powerful.

Regarding relationships, polarity is essential to their existence. You need the yin and the yang, a dance of masculine and feminine energy for any intimacy to thrive. And this doesn’t mean that the woman embodies the feminine 24/7 and the man embodies the masculine 24/7. It should be a dance of fluidity between the two.


Most women tend to have a feminine core and most men tend to have a masculine core. And hey, if a man expresses more feminine qualities than the woman in a relationship, that’s fine too. The same principle applies if it’s between two men or two women as well.

Intimacy requires polarity. In magnetism, opposites attract. As above, so below; this concept penetrates all levels of existence.

If two individuals have a relationship without polarity, they’re friends. There’s no magnetic intimacy there. We’ve all seen it in relationships where the woman is forced to exaggerate her masculine energy because the man won’t step up to the plate. This creates two masculine energies; two rigid, dominating forces, and there’s no spark there. You need a giver and a receiver, a speaker and a listener, musical notes juxtaposed against gorgeous silence. Note: It also works between a man who embodies feminine energy and a woman who embodies masculine energy. It’s less common, but there’s still the dance of polarity there.

This is a call for females everywhere to embrace their divine feminine. Embody your inner goddess and share your radiance with the world. It’s vitally needed in this day and age.

Don’t fight fire with fire. Put the fire out with water.

Stay cool.

-Stevie P


Stevie P

  • Grandma Skookumchuck

    Well put and so true…also courageous, most people are afraid to even touch the topic for fear of the PC Police…haters gonna hate, just keep spreading the light and Love

    • kate

      Grandma wants women in the kitchen and adds to the problem. Women who have been brainwashed into thinking that females should just accept less money, less promotions, and no voice.

  • kate

    Your preface to your blog entry is the definition of feminist. You really think women will get equal pay and treatment by being docile and polite? History has proven otherwise. It’s like telling blacks they can achieve equality in treatment by being more white. Or telling gays they can achieve equality in marriage by being less gay. People who do not have the benefit of being part of the group (white Christian men) that made the rules and fear losing control must do what needs done. They must step out of their comfort zone to speak up. As a man you would be expected to say exactly what you said.