A Poem For You, Mom

Mom Dad Me

I act as an inspiration for others
A shoulder to lean on
When reality appears grim

But who do I go to
When the clouds of fear block my vision
And I lose sight of the sunshine?

I turn to you

You are a force of nature
Wrapped in a package that I call “Mom”
Holding space when I doubt myself
Reflecting unconditional love

You are always there for me
No matter what

You have bestowed me with momentum
In the direction of my destiny

You are the bow
The bow that bent gracefully
To pleasantly propel me
Along the trajectory of my essence

I am eternally grateful for you

You remain radiant
You maintain beauty
Inside and out
As above
So below

Your love pervades

You brought my body into this world
Then ushered my spirit in to follow

We share life experiences
Regardless of time
Despite any distance

Our connection transcends

Each exchange ends
With three wonderful words
I love you


Happy Birthday, Mom.

(Or because we both know that time is an illusion, happy revolution around the Sun!)


– Stevie P!

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Stevie P

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  1. Great for Mother’s Day which is celebrated May 10 here in
    South Africa

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