Reiki for Self-Growth


Note: This is a guest post by Dee Doshi.

I first heard of Reiki around 14 years back. A work colleague’s friend was a Reiki master and he took me to her home. I am a firm believer in holistic treatments and after meeting the Reiki master, I knew this was something that I should try. I went for Reiki Level 1 and as expected, it proved very beneficial to me.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Reiki, it is a Japanese technique of healing. Rei means ‘Universal’ and Ki means ‘Life Force Energy’ in Japanese. According to the concept, all of us are made up of energy just as the way Reiki is an energy. So, we can channel the Reiki energy through our body (via the seven chakras). Chakras are energy centres that relate to different emotions. If we have any emotional, physical or spiritual blockages within us then Reiki can help clear them and allow the energy to flow smoothly.

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My Personal Reiki Experience

My Level 1 in Reiki was a very positive experience. Level 1 Reiki teaches you how to use Reiki for self-care. You can also use it with people you are comfortable around – like your immediate family or friends. I used it to self-treat myself and loved the positivity it brought about in my surroundings. I also used it occasionally to pass some energy to my doggy family member. Reiki is not a cure for diseases or illnesses as many believe but it is instead a life force energy that works more on the emotional and spiritual level. It brings about tranquillity and peace within you and your surroundings. After a few years, I got too busy with my life, work commitments and lost touch with Reiki, only practising it occasionally.

But about 2 years back, I was drawn to Reiki again and I began reading up on it. I read a lot of online articles, joined some Reiki forums and also began my search for a Reiki master. I was doing a bit of self-healing all these years and eventually I knew the time had come for me to progress to the next level. So, I went for Level 2 Reiki. Level 2 Reiki makes you more aware of your physical, emotional and spiritual connect. It also increases your intuition, I feel, and your sensitivity to energy is also heightened. With Level 2 attunement, you can also practise distant healing.

Reiki Level 3 is the final step in the Reiki journey. Those who complete Level 3 become Reiki Master Practitioners. I am not yet ready for this final step, I feel. Maybe in the future, I might go for it.
Reiki is a wonderful, transformational journey – one that fills you with positive experiences and a better understanding of yourself and others. You can use it for self healing or practise it on family or friends. If you would like to experience it, then do go for a Reiki healing session near you. I am sure you will enjoy it. I have really enjoyed it and I feel there is so much to explore within ourselves.

About the Author
Dee Doshi is a lifestyle blogger, an animal lover, avid traveler and has achieved Level 2 in Reiki. She blogs at

Stevie P note: If you’re looking to learn and practice Reiki, I highly recommend this at home Reiki training program.


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