1-on-1 Mystery School

Welcome to the Feelin’ Good, Feelin’ Great Mystery School

The Feelin’ Good, Feelin’ Great Mystery School is a 1-on-1 online program that will facilitate your awakening process, accelerate your spiritual growth, expand your awareness, hone your intuition, and help you become your own master. You will also learn how to actually apply these concepts to your daily life.

The mystery schools of the ancient world were the bearers of esoteric teachings and spiritual wisdom. This is a modern, online version of that. I like the term mystery school because life really is a mystery. I don’t pretend to know everything. I’m not your life coach. I’m not here to predict your future. Those are all disempowering, in my opinion. A good teacher simply guides you to your inner teacher.

Honestly, a lot of this information is in the blog posts and videos (see my YouTube channel) I’ve published over the last few years for free. But they’re not in a comprehensive format and would take you a lot of time and effort to compile and apply in a cohesive way. Plus, these one-on-one sessions will be completely personalized.

The amazing thing about a 1-on-1 session is that you get all of someone’s experience, expertise and everything they’ve read, synthesized and customized for you. One session will save you hundreds of hours of information absorption and trial and error. Think about it that way.

What Each Session Consists Of

  • 45 minute video chat with me (Stevie P) via Skype (or another medium if need be)
  • The session will be primarily based on the session theme (see the “Curriculum” below)
  • You will get at least one action item or habit to apply and at least one resource/recommendation.
  • Each session begins with an Osho Zen Tarot card drawing – These cards don’t predict your future, they instead give profound insight into your present state, making it the perfect way to open a session.
  • The “Curriculum”

    The general curriculum of the Feelin’ Good, Feelin’ Great Mystery School consists of seven themes, each being a session, plus additional miscellaneous themes. The first seven sessions are essentially the foundation of the mystery school, as they are the foundations of self-mastery. I’m not going to waste an hour rambling about crystals to you if you can’t first objectively observe your own thoughts and emotions. Mastery of “the basics” is far more powerful than you think.

    Regarding the process, this isn’t standardized education here. It’s more of a general template and progression will be customized for each individual.

    Note: You do not need to book seven sessions up front. I would recommend booking one at a time as you progress along your journey.

    Session 1: Meditation
    Meditation is the most foundational practice. It has a positive effect on literally everything else in your life. I will provide you with an in depth introduction to meditation and find the best way for you to incorporate a daily meditation practice (and stick to it). My expertise is in creating a simple meditation habit that people actually practice daily, because consistency is the most important factor when it comes to meditation. I’ll also give you a whole lot of tips to help you with your practice and resources for many different types of meditation.

    There’s a reason why Tim Ferriss has found that the #1 habit most top-performers and entrepreneurs have in common is meditation. Yes, it’s that important. That’s why it’s the basis of the first session.

    Session 2: Mindfulness
    Mindfulness, or being fully aware and present, is a direct result of a regular meditation practice. Mindfulness is also the basic premise of just about every spiritual self-help book. I will distill all of that “book information” for you and help you incorporate mindfulness into your daily life. It’s easier than you think (and fun too), even in this world of technological distraction we find ourselves in.

    We’ll also get into various forms of mindfulness including being aware of synchronicity, self-talk/internal dialogue, your patterns, limiting beliefs and the stories you’re telling yourself.

    Session 3: Movement
    An optimized body helps optimize your mental, emotional and spiritual life as well. I will show you how to incorporate movement and exercise into your daily routine. I’ll recommend different movement modalities according to your schedule, individual needs and personal preferences.

    This session also includes instruction on proper breathing (lung movement!). A simple awareness of your breathing patterns can create massive changes in every area of your life. I’ll show you how.

    Session 4: Diet and Health
    I’ll say it again, an optimized body helps optimize your mental, emotional and spiritual life as well. I will teach you how to eat real food (and give you easy recipes), eat intuitively, optimize your sleep and much more.

    Session 5: Purpose
    If you don’t have purpose, you’ll inevitably feel lost and unfulfilled. I’ll help you get clear on your purpose in life and the direction you want to travel in. In this session, we’ll also get into visualization, the law of attraction and how to set and achieve goals.

    Read these for a good introduction to your purpose:
    Reveal Your Life’s Purpose by Asking These 15 Questions
    The Purpose Formula

    Session 6: Creative Expression
    We’re all creative beings, just in different ways. I will help you find and maximize your own unique version of creative expression for both self-healing and sharing your gift with others.

    Some great byproducts of creative expression are the expansion of your perceptions and a deep sense of meaning/fulfillment. Everyone’s life would be more enjoyable if they engage in more creative expression.

    Session 7: Facing Resistance
    This is where we build our “courage muscles.” I will help you discover where you have resistances/fears and tackle them head on. Oftentimes, the things we have resistance to are the very things that will help us grow the most.

    Other Possible Sessions (These will vary depending on the individual)

  • Nature immersion
  • Minimalism
  • Inner child work
  • Grounding 101
  • Being your authentic self
  • Esoteric Knowledge – Focusing on empowering information like metaphysics, history, sacred geometry, energy healing…etc. Remember, accumulating information is simply knowing the path, while everything else outlined above is actually walking the path.
  • Note: If you’re already an advanced spiritual adept, but feel like you just want to work on one or two of these areas, we can do that as well. For example, if you’re a professional psychic but you’re neglecting your body, we can focus on Movement and Diet/Health.

    Why I’m Doing This

    The process of awakening and spiritual growth has been what so many people have asked me about lately. I’ve helped many people in the facilitation of this process and have become incredibly passionate about it. And I’m no all-knowing master either. I’m going through all of this too, so I can relate and empathize with whatever you’re experiencing. I speak from a place of experience, combined with a deep sense of calling to help others.

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    *Times listed below are in PST (Pacific Standard Time), so keep that in mind if you’re in a different time zone.

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    69SDmxUs“My session with Stephen was eye opening and very refreshing to the heart and soul! Stephen is very intuitive with the human brain and how we think and act as human beings. The session was like talking to your best friend and your spiritual guide all at once.”
    – Lynne Moore


    Tyler“I did an online session with Stephen, he was very insightful and helpful with the problems I was facing and helped guide me towards the right direction. He also reaffirmed my feelings of what my purpose in this life was. I will definitely be coming back.”
    – Tyler Middaugh


    Testimonial 1“Steve has been a spiritual compass of mine for the past few years. I can confidently say that his influence keeps the integrity in my music, and I’m better for it. I would recommend him to anyone seeking more purpose, or just some more joy out of their ride on Earth.”
    – Cole Charbonneau, Hip-Hop Artist, Producer, Co-CEO of the CKMJ Group

    Testimonial 2“Stephen has consistently provided informative and inspirational information coupled with authentic life stories. A truly positive influence in a world filled with so much fear and negativity, always seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.”
    Chris Berglund, World Traveler and Unorthodox Shaman


    Testimonial 3“Stephen Parato has in so many ways “called me out” on being honest with myself. By reading his bold words (which I love). It has helped encourage me to be 100% authenticity myself (again) and to be more aware of people’s energy (to see/feel the unseen) before I let the outside stuff shape my perceptions.

    It really inspires me to see someone take a stand for others by example (by actually doing it) and constant encouraging messages.

    Thank you! Because of you I know I’m not the only one wanting to make a difference using my super awesome wacky ways and tactics! Keep it up!”
    – Amanda Lavallee, Feelin’ Good, Feelin’ Great Reader