The Choice is Up to You

I got inspired after reading this post. Here’s the FGFG spin on it.

The choice is up to you













You have the choice. You have the power. You have control.

You choose whether or not to get offended when someone cuts you off in traffic.

You choose whether or not to get angry when someone bumps into you.

You choose whether or not to wake up in a good mood.

You choose whether or not to be offended by what someone says.

You choose whether or not to let other people affect you.

You choose whether or not to watch tv or do something beneficial for yourself.

You choose whether or not to treat your body right.

You choose whether or not to eat foods you know are good/bad for you.

You choose whether or not to implement good/bad habits.

You choose whether to complain or not.

You choose to be grateful for what you have or whine about what you don’t have.

You choose to be a victim or take responsibility for your own life.

You choose what you think.

You choose your actions.

It is your choice to be positive or negative.

It is your choice to be happy or miserable.

You have the choice. You have the power. You have control. Stop being attached to stories you tell yourself. Be present. And discover how empowering life can be.

The choice is up to you.

How to Overcome Being in a Slump

I was dealing with the post-trip blues at work this week after my trip to Honduras. It’s always difficult getting back into grind mode after a vacation. My concentration was nonexistent. I had the attention span of a goldfish. I felt anxious. I couldn’t sit still. I was in a slump, and I needed to snap out of it. By Friday, I was back to feelin’ good, feelin’ great mode. Here’s what worked for me, and it’ll probably work for you too.

Slump crushing 101:

Don’t internalize everything. Express your feelings to someone, or even just write it down. Internalizing and stuffing emotions is bad news bears. The mere act of getting something out works wonders for your well-being. It sounds corny and it’s not the most masculine tool in the shed, but it works. Do what I did, call up momma and tell her how you feel.

Do something fun. Do something enjoyable during your free time. For me, it was going out on a phenomenal Valentine’s Day date (you know who you are).

Workout and release tension. Mobility exercises first thing in the morning relieve all kindzzz of bodily tension. And throwing heavy weights around is the best stress reliever I’ve ever come across. Just move yo body, and you’ll instantly feel better.

Recharge the batteries. Do some sort of meditative activity to clear the brain. Breathe deeply for 2 minutes. Lay down with your eyes closed for a bit. Those worked for me, but do whatever you prefer. It’s so refreshing to mentally escape from everything (including your own mind) for even a few minutes.

Get some sleep. The positive changes a good night of sleep can bring are borderline magical. You wake up feeling like a phoenix rising out of its ashes.

Have a goal/goals to work towards. I’m back on my health and fitness grind (Carb Backloading and working on mastering bodyweight exercises), making my own almond butter, and setting goals for this site. I’m kind of all over the place with this, but it keeps me positive and focused. Anything goal-oriented (skill acquisition, accomplishing something…etc) fosters self-improvement, which is crucial for long-term happiness and living an awesome life.

If you ever feel yourself slipping into a downward spiral, try out these techniques, and throw up a middle finger and a smile to the blues.




Flip the AM Motivational Switch



I don’t know about you, but I find it harder to get out of bed in the morning during the winter. It’s cold outside, knuckle-drying cold. Cold beyond the comfort of your warm blankets. But we can’t stay in bed all day, because that ain’t living! We need to learn how to “flip the AM motivational switch” when we get thrown from the realm of dreams and land in bed. Here’s how I get ready to attack the day. These should be the very first things you do when waking up.

1. Chug a glass of water
This provides a whole host of benefits, especially after going 8 or so hours without water. You can add some squeezed lemon too if you like.

2. Pee (optional)

3. Bio-energizer Warm Up
This really gets me going in the morning. Check out my post about it HERE.

4. Take a cold shower
Sounds scary? Why? There’s really no consequences to taking a cold shower. It’s just cold. You’ll get over it. Then you’ll feel like a superhero. You’ll feel accomplished. And that feeling will be carried with you for the rest of the day. Plus cold showers are good for you.

Try this out, and you might just become a morning person.