Great Moments in the History of Not Giving a Fuck: Viral Edition

Good news…

The Art of Not Giving A Fuck eBook is set for release on Tuesday, February 25th!

And as the third and last installment of the mini-series “Great Moments in the History of Not Giving a Fuck,” I present to you the viral edition…

1. Russian guy dancing at a resort

I don’t think there’s anyone in the world more comfortable in their own skin. While most people are too self-conscious to even participate in things like this, this guy has the time of his life. Plus, he’s got some moves too. Fun over fear, my friends.


2. Guy singing and dancing to Bon Jovi at a Boston Celtics game

This guy (Jeremy Fry) does what everyone really wants to do, and it’s so awesome. So many people are so self-conscious and stuck living vicariously that they just sit there like zombies at events. Not this guy though! He doesn’t give a fuck. He made the day of thousands of people at the game, and millions who’ve seen it on Youtube. If I was wearing a hat, I’d tip it to this guy.


3. 55-year-old hard-drinking Slovenian man swims the entire Amazon River

Yeah, you read that right. That guy (Martin Strel, pictured above) really swam the entire Amazon, no fear and no fucks given. Read the article, it’s great. What an absolute legend.


4. Russell Brand tearing newscasters apart and mocking the current state of mainstream “news”

Russell Brand says what’s on his mind, doesn’t have any inhibitions, and shatters the trance that TV news usually has people in. And he does it all in a witty, hilarious, and surprisingly polite manner.


5. Elliott Hulse – Brain Slave No More

In this video, Elliott both discusses and demonstrates how we imprison ourselves in our bodies. He yells, stomps, shakes, screams; all of the things we would reactively (because of conditioning) call “crazy.” But you know what!? He’s right. How good does it feel to scream at the top of your lungs? It’s a cathartic release. We’re so conditioned to suppress feelings, emotions, and expression. But once you allow yourself to express (especially through the body), it’s positively liberating and creates harmony on so many levels.

Hope you enjoyed all these great moments. I hope they made your day. And I hope you, like me, have been inspired by some of these.

Can you think of any other Great Moments in the History of Not Giving a Fuck? Comment below.

And remember…

The Art of Not Giving a Fuck eBook is set for release on Tuesday February 25th, 2014. Mark your calendar!

Stay feelin’ good, feelin’ great.

Much love.

-Stevie P!


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Great Moments in the History of Not Giving a Fuck: The Guy Who Refused To Do The Nazi Salute

If you want to see someone who epitomizes The Art of Not Giving A Fuck, look no further than the image below…

Like a bawss

“It was Nazi Germany in 1936, and a crowd of people had gathered in Hamburg to watch the launch of a navy training vessel. As hundreds raised their arms in unison in the Nazi salute, one man stood with his arms crossed, his eyes squinting at whoever was leading the salute.”¹


That one man was August Landmesser, connoisseur of  the “just because everyone’s doing this dumb shit, doesn’t mean I’m going to”-mentality.

I applaud ol’ August. What a G, and what a testament to moral heroism. This one action serves as a reminder that no matter how fucked up a society is, the human spirit will never be completely extinguished. Free will is a trump card we can pull out at any time. We always have the choice, though we might be conditioned to think otherwise. Oppressive control systems only come to fruition through our acquiescence.

Their power over you is only the result of you not knowing your own.

Our main man August was fearless in his epic moment of noncompliance. Fear allows us to be manipulated oh so easily (like everyone else in the picture), but if you don’t give a fuck (aka don’t give into fear), you take your power back. You can’t be controlled. You can’t be herded. You can’t be easily manipulated. You become your own person whose actions are based on what you feel to be right… Now that’s empowerment, and August Landmesser embodied it.

“Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.” – Mahatma Gandhi

The Art of Not Giving a Fuck eBook is coming soon…

Stay feelin good, feelin’ great my friends.

-Stevie P!



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Great Moments in the History of Not Giving a Fuck: Harriet Tubman’s Heroics

Leading up to the release of my latest eBook, The Art of Not Giving a Fuck (which I introduced in the last post), I’m doing a series of posts entitled “Great Moments in the History of Not Giving a Fuck.”

It also happens to be Black History Month, so it only makes sense to kick it off with none other than Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad.


If you’ve studied US history at all, you know about Harriet Tubman and her ridiculously courageous actions…

She was born into slavery on a plantation in Maryland sometime around 1820 (they didn’t keep birth records of slaves). Harriet escaped in 1849 and made her way to Philadelphia.

Yeah that’s great, she escaped the confines of slavery and started living in Philly as a free woman. But it’s just the beginning… Instead of just going for self and enjoying her newfound freedom, Harriet actually went back to the plantation and freed the rest of her family. No hesitation, no fucks given.

She then made it her mission to free as many people as possible by way of what was called “The Underground Railroad.” I don’t think people realize how insanely dangerous the underground railroad really was. Even the term “railroad” makes it seem like a cozy ride along the countryside. The underground railroad wasn’t for the faint of heart, to say the least. Tubman and the people she freed slept in swamps, hid during the day, and only moved under the cover of darkness. It functioned as a super secret network and any leaked information could lead to its collapse, and the hopes of freedom crushed for so many. There were a few admirable people who provided shelter along the way, but Harriet and company had to traverse many miles on their own. Also, catching runaway slaves came with lucrative rewards. So they were constantly pursued by police, soldiers, attack dogs, bounty hunters, and slave-catchers. Harriet never gave a fuck though; never got caught, and never lost a passenger.

Because of her ability to lead people to freedom, Harriet Tubman earned the nickname “Moses” for her work along the Underground Railroad.

She was incredibly clever and resourceful too…

One admirer of Tubman said: “She always came in the winter, when the nights are long and dark, and people who have homes stay in them.” Once she had made contact with escaping slaves, they left town on Saturday evenings, since newspapers would not print runaway notices until Monday morning.¹

Harriet Tubman ended up making more than 19 trips between Maryland and Southern Ontario, Canada (where they were more accepting of freed slaves) and personally freed over 300 people… Damn.

Her story doesn’t even stop at the Underground Railroad either. Harriet Tubman never backed down from day one.

The story of her head injury is a testament to her fearless character:

One day, the adolescent Tubman was sent to a dry-goods store for supplies. There, she encountered a slave owned by another family, who had left the fields without permission. His overseer, furious, demanded that Tubman help restrain the young man. She refused, and as the slave ran away, the overseer threw a two-pound weight at him. He struck Tubman instead, which she said “broke my skull.” She later explained her belief that her hair – which “had never been combed and … stood out like a bushel basket” – might have saved her life. Bleeding and unconscious, Tubman was returned to her owner’s house and laid on the seat of a loom, where she remained without medical care for two days. She was sent back into the fields, “with blood and sweat rolling down my face until I couldn’t see.”[21] Her boss said she was “not worth a sixpence” and returned her to Brodess, who tried unsuccessfully to sell her.[22] She began having seizures and would seemingly fall unconscious, although she claimed to be aware of her surroundings while appearing to be asleep. These episodes were alarming to her family, who were unable to wake her when she fell asleep suddenly and without warning. This condition remained with Tubman for the rest of her life; Larson suggests she may have suffered from temporal lobe epilepsy as a result of the injury.

The severe head wound occurred when Tubman was becoming deeply religious–although one must note this is not insinuating this as being the chief cause. As an illiterate child, she had been told Bible stories by her mother.[24] The particular variety of her early Christian belief remains unclear, but Tubman acquired a passionate faith in God. She rejected the teachings of the New Testament that urged slaves to be obedient and found guidance in the Old Testament tales of deliverance. Additionally, Tubman began having visions and potent dreams, which she considered signs from the divine. This religious perspective instructed her throughout her life.¹

So she did the Bruce Lee philosophy with her beliefs… “Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own.”  She took empowering messages, ignored the disempowering-fear-based-victim-mentality-bullshit, and followed the signs.

Another fun fact is that she was the first woman to lead an armed expedition in the Civil War. She guided the Combahee River Raid, which liberated more than 700 slaves in South Carolina.

Although Harriet Tubman is most famous for her underground railroad journeys, she lived The Art of Not Giving a Fuck from cradle to grave. Her love for others completely obliterated any shred of fear that would have otherwise stopped her.

What we can learn from Harriet Tubman and what she did:

Follow your heart, and don’t give a fuck. Harriet Tubman was deeply compelled to do what she did. Do you think she gave a fuck when people told her she was being unrealistic? Do you think she gave a fuck about the threats of the oppressors? Do you think she gave a fuck about the hardships she’d face? Fuck no! When you don’t give a fuck, and you’re motivated by love, not fear, you step into the realm of legendary.

If you really want something, you can get it done. Nothing deterred her. Nothing could stop her. She knew what she wanted to do, and was willing to put it all on the line to get it done.

Love > fear. Love and fear are the two fundamental motivating forces (which I go into in depth in the eBook). Instead of being deterred by fear, her love for others and freedom drove her in what she did. Every fuck you give is a bit of fear, and if Harriet held any fear, she wouldn’t have done the legendary things she did.

Legal doesn’t necessarily mean moral, and illegal doesn’t necessarily mean immoral. What Harriet Tubman did was illegal, but it’s one of the most compellingly positive stories of modern times. She did the right thing, even though society was fucked up and oppressive.

The importance of human connection. Human connection made what she did possible. Her love for others drove her to free hundreds of people. Many people provided shelter for the runaways as well. When we help each other and work together, we can illuminate any dark room with our brilliant light.

Never complacent. She didn’t free herself and then stop. She didn’t free a couple people and then stop. She kept going. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Actions speak louder than words. While armchair abolitionists debated about the morality of slavery, Harriet Tubman was busy leading people to freedom.

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.” -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The impact one individual can make. Think about the impact Harriet Tubman created. She directly guided hundreds to freedom. But her actions also ripple through history…

Her story conveys a message of empowerment, unshakable perseverance, and not giving a fuck (from a place of love.)

Thank you, Harriet Tubman.

Stay feelin’ good, feelin’ great my friends.

-Stevie P!

The Art of Not Giving a Fuck eBook…Official release date coming soon…


The Art of Not Giving A Fuck eBook is Coming…

I have an announcement to make…

The latest Feelin’ Good, Feelin’ Great product is on its way!

The Art of Not Giving A Fuck eBook.

It’s an in depth, expanded, new & improved (ebook) version of my most popular post so far, The Art of Not Giving A Fuck.

What you’ll get out of The Art of Not Giving A Fuck eBook:

  • How to not give a fuck (from a place of Love)
  • Empowerment (bye bye victim mentality)
  • Making happiness your default state
  • Learn to not let anything disturb your happiness
  • Learn that being offended is a choice
  • How to be more present, and live in the moment
  • Live life to the fullest
  • Rediscover your inner child
  • Take more action
  • Improve social skills
  • Transcend fear (in all forms)
  • Become the master of your mind (not a slave to it)
  • Embrace your uniqueness
  • Let your awesome out
  • How to make life fun
  • Experience true freedom
  • Increase genuine confidence
  • Think (and act) for yourself
  • Live life on your own terms
  • And much much more.

Who knows what we’re really capable of? Live The Art of Not Giving a Fuck and step into your true potential.

*Preview of the chapters*

  1. Intro
  2. The Fundamentals (Laying the Foundation)
  3. Happiness (The Way of Travel)
  4. Out of Your Mind
  5. Presence
  6. Detach Into Happiness
  7. Letting Go
  8. Transcend Fear (Love vs Fear)
  9. Take Action Or Forget About It
  10. Not Caring About What Other People Think
  11. Be A Big Kid
  12. Be Like Water
  13. Fuck Perfection
  14. The Video Game Perspective (A uniquely awesome perspective on life)
  15. How To Make it Work
  16. The Givenofucks Lifestyle (Living The Art Of Not Giving A Fuck) (Conclusion)
  17. Bonus Chapter!

…And some sneak peak snippets to pique your interest:

The art of not giving a fuck is embodying this mentality:
“My natural state is pure happiness, and I’m not letting anything disrupt it.”


Each fuck you give is a piece of a dam, blocking the flow of perpetual bliss.


It’s useless to sweat the small stuff (and most of it is small stuff). Really, everything matters way less than you initially think. Are you going to remember the time that guy cut you off in traffic when you’re on your deathbed? Nope. Shit happens. Life goes on. Make the most out of it by choosing happiness. Experience, live, and learn without ALLOWING (*keyword*) anything to interrupt your happiness.


The 4 Fundamentals of The Art of Not Giving A Fuck:
1. Don’t take yourself too seriously.
2. Don’t be a psycho.
3. Be dynamic and flexible.
4. Be willing to trust yourself.


And ultimately, love is not giving a fuck, while fear is giving a fuck.


Not caring what other people think is the ultimate freedom. That means you’re guided by your own judgment, not anyone else’s.


Being offended is a choice…


Our happiness depends on us. But when you start giving a fuck, you allow your happiness to be determined by external circumstances. Snatch your power back by not giving a fuck.


The Art of Not Giving a Fuck is based on learning experiences, insights I’ve revealed to myself and actions I’ve taken that have greatly helped me along my journey.

Over the past few years, I went from giving way too many fucks and living in fear, to not giving a fuck (from a place of Love) and feelin’ good, feelin’ great. I used to care way too much about everything. Worrying about what people think, anxiety regarding the future, regrets about the past, fear of acceptance, fear of failure…etc. All self-allowed bullshit that blocked my shine. But since I started implementing just some of what I discuss in The Art of Not Giving A Fuck, I’ve become genuinely happy and empowered. I operate in Love, not fear (Well, most of the time at least. We can’t all be perfect, right?). I was once just along for the ride, but I’m now the captain of my ship; sailing in the direction of awesome, no fucks given. You can be too.

Not giving a fuck (from a place of Love) enhances every aspect of your being, gives you true freedom and allows you to truly enjoy life, as we all should. The Art of Not Giving a Fuck is chock full of unique insights, provocative philosophy, actionable points, and practical advice from an angle you won’t find anywhere else.

I’m genuinely proud of this work and can’t wait to share it with the world.

I’m also doing an original series of posts to promote The Art of Not Giving a Fuck eBook starting next week. I can’t reveal the theme quite yet, but make sure to keep an eye out for ’em 😉

Stay feelin’ good, feelin’ great, my friends.

-Stevie P!

PS- Check out my other products, if you haven’t already…

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The Racing Thoughts Cure (eBook)


Why I Don’t Get Sick (And You Shouldn’t Either)

It’s the middle of winter, for those of us in the northern hemisphere.

And most people are all like…


The cold can actually be invigorating if you’re well equipped. But many have a hard time even accepting chilly weather (let alone enjoying it.)

Why? Because this time of year also goes hand in hand with people getting sick. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Too many people are simply not willing to take responsibility for their own well-being.

People blame the weather for not feeling well. They blame the cold. They blame their genetics. They blame their co-workers. They do everything imaginable to avoid taking responsibility for their own health. That’s willingly giving your power away, in exchange for a life of perpetual victimhood and ill-health. Well, fuck that, let’s take our power back. You don’t have to fall victim to “cold season,” “flu season,” or any season that doesn’t entail you exploding with awesomeness, ya dig?

I personally haven’t been sick in years. I’m not a superhero (not yet at least). I wasn’t born with superior anti-sickness genetics. What keeps me feelin’ good, feelin’ great is the habits I’ve included in my lifestyle. I refuse to let my well-being be a slave to external factors, and that’s one of the most empowering things you can do.

So here’s a list some things I’ve included in my lifestyle that help keep me from getting sick:


1. Drink water – Actually, drink A LOT of water. Always. Water is kiiinda crucial for survival, you know. And if you’re dehydrated, a lot of things go wrong. This one is obvious, but always needs repeating. Staying hydrated is mandatory for any state of good health. I chug a glass of water (with some apple cider vinegar) first thing every morning. And I always drink tons of water throughout the day.

Note: Tap water (in the US) contains flouride, and plastic bottled waters contain BPA’s. Both are bad news for the body (That’s beyond the scope of this article, but feel free to do your own research if you’re interested). So some good alternatives are filters that remove flouride (I use this), glass bottled waters, or natural spring water that you bottle yourself.

+Check out this interview for an in-depth look at water, hydration, and health.

2. Cold showers – Cold showers come with tons of benefits, one being increased immune function. I start my showers with warm/hot water, and I switch to cold water halfway. It’s a lot easier to do this than just jumping in a cold shower. You can start by just turning the water cold for the last 30 seconds of your shower. As you start to love it (you will), you’ll naturally add more and more time under cold water. Cold showers wake you up LIKE WHOA too. It’s my secret weapon to starting the day off right.

+Read more about the benefits of cold showers here.

3. Apple cider vinegar – The benefits of apple cider vinegar are endless. And most of the benefits involve both preventing and curing sickness. I put it in water. I put it in tea. I add it to salads. When in doubt, bust the ACV out.

+8 Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar
+15 Reasons to Use Apple Cider Vinegar Every Day

4. Vitamin D – Vitamin D is critical for the immune system. Supplementing with Vitamin D is probably the single most important thing you can do to stay healthy during the winter. I take 5,000 IU every morning, and I get a lot more from cod liver oil as well.

+Why Vitamin D is Better than ANY Vaccine and Improves Your Immune System by 3-5 Times

5. Coconut oil – Coconut oil is my panacea. It’s antibacterial and anti-microbial, making it perfect for keeping sickness at bay. I cook with coconut oil, put it in coffee, and include it in a lot of recipes. I also do something called oil pulling every morning. I just swish coconut oil around in my mouth and pull it between my teeth for a few minutes. Oil pulling is so effective because it rids the mouth of bacteria. The mouth tends to harbor a lot of bacteria, which can be taxing on the immune system, so this frees the body up to more easily optimize itself.

+Coconut Oil & the Immune System
+10 Facts About Coconut Oil
+Why You Should Start Oil Pulling Today

6. Greens powder – Aka nutritional insurance. Most greens powders are packed with vitamins, minerals, and condensed superfoods that will undoubtedly strengthen immunity (among many other benefits), keeping you healthy and energized. What I do is drink a glass of greens powder mixed with water every day, while in a fasted state, right before my first meal to ensure maximum nutrient absorption.

+This is my favorite greens powder.

7. Maintaining good gut health – Many people just don’t realize how important gut health is. At least 80% of the immune system is directly related to gut health. A lot of health experts say that everything starts with the gut, and that couldn’t be more on point.

Here’s what I do (and don’t do) to maintain optimal gut health:

Do’s: Eat fermented foods (like sauerkraut), supplement with probiotics and/or digestive enzymes, and eat real food (sorry pop-tarts).
Don’t’s: Avoid processed foods as much as possible. Processed food compromises gut health and creates all kinds of bodily dysfunction. Limit processed foods, and you’ll allow you’re immune system to optimize. Avoid antibiotics unless you really, really need it. Antibiotics kill healthy gut flora, leaving you with sub-par gut health and a compromised immune system (I elaborate on this below).

+80 Percent of Your Immune System is Located in Your Digestive Tract

8. GO (Garlic and Onions) – Both garlic and onions are well-known for staving off many forms of ill health. And for good reason. They work like a charm. I eat garlic and onions with every meal. And recently, my sister’s boyfriend shook off a cold within hours by eating a few cloves of garlic. The GO combo works, plus it’ll keep vampires away.

+Garlic, The Immune System Booster
+Are Onions Good for Your Immune System?

9. Herbs and spices on everything – All herbs and spices are immensely beneficial to health. The more you use, the more optimized you’ll be. Some immune boosting herbs and spices I use every day are turmeric, oregano, ginger, black pepper and parsley. As my motto goes, “Turmeric… I put that on errthang.”

+Spicing Up Your Immune System
+Turmeric: The Spice that Supports Your Body’s Astonishing Immune System
+6 Health Benefits of Parsley

10. Short-term intermittent fasting (daily) – Short-term fasting allows the body to repair cells (a process called autophagy) instead of constantly devoting energy to digestion. I don’t eat anything until lunch time, so I usually spend 15-16 hours a day without food . I’ll have coconut oil in my coffee (at 10-11am) most days though. Because a fun fact is that you can get all of the benefits of fasting by just ingesting pure fat, hence the coconut oil coffee as “breakfast.” (Read more about that here.)

+Natural Cures: Fasting
+Leangains (tons of great info on intermittent fasting)

11. Alcohol-hacking – Alcohol causes dehydration and depletes your vitamin stores (among a bunch of other negative effects depending on the amount). That’s why it’s crucial to be especially on point with keeping your immune system strong while indulging in the spirit. A night out drinking can easily turn into a bad hangover with a lingering cold. The protocol linked below will help you to avoid that fate and stay feelin good, feelin great.

+The Bulletproof Exec: Alcohol Without the Hangover

When gettin’ my drank on, I always apply the Vitamin C/NAC part of the protocol (Step 2). And the morning after, I do a short fast and drink TONS of water until I start feeling hungry again (which is usually in the early afternoon). This makes me feel 1,000 times better than when I would wake up and shove food in my face. Just some food (or lack thereof) for thought.

12. Limiting consumption of grains – The consumption of grains (and really anything with gluten in it) is linked with all kinds of bodily dysfunction. Too many to list them all. But regarding getting sick, grains cause digestive problems (remember the importance of gut health?) as well as autoimmune reactions (like allergies). One thing I’ve noticed is that ever since I started avoiding grains on a regular basis, I don’t get seasonal allergies. I’m like MC Hammer to allergies these days, they can’t touch me.

+The Awful Truth About Eating Grains

PS – Don’t be fooled by the “whole wheat is healthy” propaganda. It’s not healthy. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. And, in general, grains today are far different from the grains of ancient times. I highly recommend reading the book “Wheat Belly” for an extensive look into the health effects of grains.

13. Avoiding over-the-counter meds (and antibiotics unless completely necessary) – Don’t take meds unless you really need to. They only cover-up symptoms and suppress the immune system. Antibiotics destroy gut flora, including the good kind (There’s that gut health connection again). So if you have sub-optimal gut health, you’re setting yourself up for disaster in the form of perpetual sickness. This is why if you do have to take antibiotics, it’s crucial to supplement with probiotics to restore healthy gut flora. And have you noticed that everyone who regularly takes over-the-counter meds are the ones who are always sick? Hmm.

And here’s a crucial point to understand:

“There is a common perception that if you’re coughing, sneezing or have a low-grade fever, you must take a medication to get rid of it. In reality, coughing and sneezing are tools your body uses to get rid of viruses and irritants, and fever also helps to kill bacteria and viruses.”Anti-Fever Drugs May Prolong Flu

+The high price of antibiotic use: can our guts ever fully recover?

14. Avoiding flu shots – Don’t believe the hype. They’re repeatedly proven to be ineffective, potentially dangerous, and they’re just unnecessary. There are so many far better approaches to staying healthy; with no appointments, no needles, no heavy metals and no side effects.

+Flu Vaccine And Its Side Effects

15. Let the immune system work its magic – Go outside, breath the fresh air, get dirty. Exposing yourself to germs on a regular basis keeps your immune system functioning as it should. Sanitizing everything leaves the immune system dormant, so it can’t handle it when there’s a real threat. This is especially important for kids in developing a well-functioning immune system, in my opinion.

And on the other side of the spectrum, if your immune system is perpetually overwhelmed, it obviously won’t be able to work as it should either. If you’re assaulting your body with foreign toxins from pop-tarts (sorry again pop-tarts), stressing about your job 24/7, and not sleeping enough, your body will have a lot of trouble fighting off anything.

Another point is that if your gut health (again!) is messed up, your body starts exhibiting extreme reactions…

Abnormalities in your immune system—such as allergies and autoimmune diseases—are a common outcome of GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome), as about 85 percent of your immune system is located in your gut. When your gut flora is abnormal, your gut lining begins to deteriorate, since it is actively maintained by your gut flora. The beneficial bacteria in your gut make sure the cells that line your entire digestive tract are healthy, well-fed, and protected from chemical or microbial attacks. But as your gut lining deteriorates, the junctions between the cells open up, causing your gut to become porous, or “leaky.” According to Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, who discovered GAPS:

“It becomes like a sieve, and foods don’t get the chance to be digested properly before they are absorbed. They’re absorbed in this maldigested or partially broken down form. When the immune system and the bloodstream finds them and looks at them, it doesn’t recognize them as food. It says, ‘You’re not food. I don’t recognize you,’ and it reacts to them. It creates immune complexes, which attack these partially digested proteins. As a result, we’ll get all sorts of symptoms in your body.”

+When Food Turns Deadly

16. Adequate sleep – Sleep is the ultimate recovery mechanism. It’s crucial for everything health-related, especially staying immune to sickness.

+Sleep and Immune Function
+New links between sleep deprivation, immune system discovered
+How Sleeping Can Affect Your Immune System

17. Don’t stress – Everyone knows how bad continuous stress is on the body. It also suppresses the immune system. Learn to let go. Make lifestyle changes to release constant stress. Some of the best stress relievers are yoga, meditation, deep breathing, laughing, smiling, exercise, walking, and most importantly having FUN!

Pretty much every article on here addresses this issue too, so check out the archives 🙂

+Stress Weakens The Immune System

18. Self-brainwashing for vibrant health – One of the reasons I don’t get sick is because I tell myself I don’t get sick. Successful people brainwash themselves for success; unsuccessful people brainwash themselves for victimhood. You see this all the time, the people who are always sick always talk about how they’re sick. They personally identify with being sick. So their thoughts, emotions, and actions become a breeding ground for sickness. Like David Icke said, “A victim mentality creates a victim reality.”

“Thoughts give rise to neuropeptides and chemical reactions which produce physiological results…in the mind-body connection every change in the mental-emotional state causes a change in body physiology and…energy manifesting into physical matter. Feelings are chemical. They can kill or cure.” -Candace Pert, PhD

“What controls the composition of your blood, and therefore the fate of your cells? …signals from the environment…interpreted by the mind… The brain releases chemistry into the blood that controls cell behavior and genetic activity. If you change your belief and perception, you can change the chemistry of your blood and create your own biology.” -Bruce Lipton, PhD

You are what you think.

+The Placebo Effect: Transforming Biology With Belief
+Does Consciousness Create Reality? The Double Slit Experiment
+Scientific Proof That Thoughts & Intentions Have The Power To Alter The Physical World Around Us
+Emoto’s Water Experiment: The Power of Thoughts

2 fantastic books, if you’re interested in how thoughts and emotions manifest in the physicality:

+You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay
+The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton


So there you have it.

Implement some of these, and your immunity will be stronger than Mariusz Pudzianowski after taking too much pre-workout.

Implement all of these, and you’ll use your would-be-sick days from work to fly around the world with a cape on.

(But really though, you’ll never get sick and feel great 24/7.)

Stop being a sickly little victim.

Hop back into the driver’s seat of your well-being, and head straight to awesomeland.

Stay feelin’ good, feelin’ great.

-Stevie P!


A Child’s Intuition And Living In The Matrix

The life-altering thought still stays with me to this day…

I was about 4-5 years old, alone in my room, and a wild idea popped into my head.

“What if I’m a character in someone’s pop-up storybook?”



Quite an interesting concept for a little kid to entertain, right? The idea of our reality being some tremendously elaborate version of a pop-up book. I was my attempt at describing a simulated reality (something like the movie “The Matrix“), and the only way I knew how to was by using the concept of a pop-up book. This was around 1993, so I don’t think I even had a computer then; and “The Matrix” didn’t come out for another 6 years.

I don’t know where the thought came from, but I blew my own mind haha. It changed me forever (in a good way, of course).


Definitely wondering “Do I live in the matrix?” here 😉

I remember applying this concept with other things too, like legos. “What if the world is like a big lego set?” Just a cool kid, continuously curious of the world around me.

The funny thing is that this idea never really struck me as being profound until I watched “The Matrix” for the first time. That’s when I was like “Whoa! That’s so similar to what I used to think about as a little kid.”

“You’ve been living in a dream world, Neo.” -Morpheus (The Matrix)

Maybe as a child, I had an intuitive insight that our reality could possibly be some sort of matrix. Who knows? Maybe I somehow accessed higher levels of awareness by just being an imaginative kid. And the only frame of reference I could use to describe it at the time was a pop-up storybook.

I don’t think I ever told anyone this until a few years ago either. And when I did, I was pleasantly surprised by the feedback I received from my sister…

She told me that she had similar thoughts when she was about the same age! That she had entertained the idea of being a part of someone’s doll house. It was the same concept, just described through different means (a doll house as opposed to a pop-up book).

What is this? How/why are we getting these ideas?

Children are fresh out of wherever we come from, maintaining intimate ties with the spirit world.  They have a well-functioning brain, without being polluted by all of the conditioning, biases, and belief systems that accumulate throughout life. This means that children are much more open. They can more easily sense their intuition. Children are very in tune and aware in ways that adults aren’t. It’s like they operate in a magical parallel reality. These inherent gifts get suppressed as we become conditioned and our sense of possibility shrinks more and more. (That’s a big tangent for another article.)

Children feel, experience, and interact. As opposed to fully-conditioned adults who tend to just fall into endless circles of thinking at all times. Children naturally have sharp intuition and even extrasensory perception. And we get gradually conditioned to pigeonhole our awareness and cut off any sense of possibility and wonder.

Remember how magical life was as a kid? Remember living in the present, without worrying about the past or future?

We can learn a lot from children (read my article on it here), and that’s why the ole quote says “Be childlike, not childish.

Note: There’s a lot of information out their regarding the inherent intuitive abilities of children. Here’s one.

Now back to me contemplating about reality being an elaborate pop-up storybook…

I believe these childhood philosophications (is that a word?) are actually deep intuitive insights. Thinking that I could be a character in someone’s pop-up storybook was, at the time, the only way I knew how to describe the possibility of “reality” being a simulation. And this was before I received ANY ideas that were even remotely related to this. The concept just popped into my head one day. So that’s why I think it was an important intuitive insight into reality.

Entertaining these out-of-the-box ideas greatly benefited me too. It served as a catalyst for my intuitive abilities, open-mindedness, and critical thinking skills, among other things. Was this storybook theory 100% correct? Of course not. But it’s pointing toward a certain direction that’s worth some more exploration.

And here’s the crazy thing…

Modern physics is now beginning to point us in this direction as well. Many forward thinkers are now entertaining the idea that our reality is a simulation; a holographic matrix of sorts; like a staggeringly complex version of a video game.

Firstly, here’s a philosophical take on this mind-blowing concept:

“A long-proposed thought experiment, put forward by both philosophers and popular culture, points out that any civilization of sufficient size and intelligence would eventually create a simulation universe if such a thing were possible. And since there would therefore be many more simulations (within simulations, within simulations) than real universes, it is therefore more likely than not that our world is artificial.”
Physicists May Have Evidence Universe Is A Computer Simulation

Interesting to ponder, right?

Another intriguing topic is that the building blocks of our reality, atoms, are not solid. They’re %99.9999999999999 empty space.

Atoms empty space

Whaaaat!? So that means nothing is really solid. But why can’t we walk through walls then? Hitting a wall is merely resistance between two different waveform information states. It’s encoded in the “laws” of this reality. Just like how you can’t walk through walls in video games. Everyone knows walls in video games aren’t solid, but the encoded “laws” of that simulation prevent the character from walking through them.


Some hints from Nikki T

A point regarding holograms…

An interesting characteristic of a hologram is that every part is a smaller version of the whole. Like the expression “as above, so below.” Just something to think about 😉

Us and the universe


Hands whole body


Foot whole body

There’s so much information out there regarding this stuff, and so many dots to connect. But the purpose of this article isn’t to prove that we live in a simulated, holographic matrix. I’m just aiming to spark thoughts here.

Remember, you’re immensely powerful when you have the ability to readily entertain ideas, without necessarily being attached to them.

Maybe you too have had similar feelings as a young child. Maybe this idea has been buried inside your mind all along. Maybe the movie “The Matrix” struck a deep chord with you.

“What is real? How do you define ‘real’? If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.”

Anyone have any crazy ideas like this as a kid? Or any interesting theories on reality now? Any questions/comments/viewpoints at all? Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear about it.

Life is a video game. Keep leveling up.

Stay feelin’ good, feelin’ great.

-Stevie P!


Some resources:

The Love Aura

2 people walk into a bar and stand next to you…

With the first person, you immediately get bad vibes. You get “a disturbance in the force,” as they’d say in Star Wars.

With the second person, you immediately get good vibes. You just feel at ease in their presence.

Who would you rather talk to?

It’s an obvious question. And the decision is made outside of the mind, beyond the bounds of thinking. It is a knowing, a feeling experienced on a deeper level.

People are naturally attracted to people who exude positive energy. Nobody wants to be around a Negative Nancy, or an Angry Andy, right? Operating in the paradigm of love makes you magnetic, hence the term “magnetic personality.”

I call this field of positive vibes “The Love Aura.”

And it’s a phenomenon that both myself and some friends have been experiencing, particularly with women. (Women tend to be more in tuned and intuitive, therefore picking up on a person’s “love aura” more easily.) In my recent experience, I’ve felt even random people being friendly, open, and generally attracted to me. And it’s a deep level of attraction, noticeably different than the purely physical “he’s hawwwt” type of attraction. It’s not because I look like Brad Pitt. It’s not because I’m cooler than a polar bear’s toenails. It’s simply because I’m cultivating the love aura, and people sense it (whether they’re consciously aware of it or not).

Embodying the love aura means developing what is called “heart consciousness.” (here’s where the dots start to connect)

Heart consciousness is opening up to, and using the facilities of the heart-brain. Yup, I said heart-brain. The heart is now being revealed as a sensory organ with its own nervous system, as well as a sophisticated center for processing information. (Check out the Institute of HeartMath for a wealth of information on this.) Heart consciousness is the gateway to the likes of intuition, unconditional love, extrasensory perception, and all kinds of higher awareness.

Fun facts about the ole ticker:

  • The heart is the very first organ to form in fetal development.
  • The heart sends more information to the brain than the brain does to the heart.
  • The heart’s electrical field is 60 times stronger than the brain’s.
  • The heart’s magnetic field is up to 5,000 times stronger than the brain’s, and can be detected several feet away from the body with sensitive magnetometers. (That’s that aura, baby!)
heart magnetic field

The heart’s electromagnetic field (courtesy of the Institute of HeartMath)

The crazy thing is that since I began developing heart consciousness, I’ve been directly experiencing what is displayed in the diagram above. Experiencing the field created by my heart and its harmonized interactions with others. That’s why I call it the love aura.

While writing this, I came across this awesome article. And here’s an excerpt from it that’s oh so relevant:

Heart Field Interactions Between Individuals

Most people think of social communication solely in terms of overt signals expressed through language, voice qualities, gestures, facial expressions, and body movements. However, there is now evidence that a subtle yet influential electromagnetic or “energetic” communication system operates just below our conscious awareness. Energetic interactions likely contribute to the “magnetic” attractions or repulsions that occur between individuals, and also affect social exchanges and relationships. Moreover, it appears that the heart’s field plays an important role in communicating physiological, psychological, and social information between individuals.

Experiments conducted at the Institute of HeartMath have found remarkable evidence that the heart’s electromagnetic field can transmit information between people. We have been able to measure an exchange of heart energy between individuals up to 5 feet apart. We have also found that one person’s brain waves can actually synchronize to another person’s heart. Furthermore, when an individual is generating a coherent heart rhythm, synchronization between that person’s brain waves and another person’s heartbeat is more likely to occur. These findings have intriguing implications, suggesting that individuals in a psychophysiologically coherent state become more aware of the information encoded in the heart fields of those around them.

The results of these experiments have led us to infer that the nervous system acts as an “antenna,” which is tuned to and responds to the electromagnetic fields produced by the hearts of other individuals. We believe this capacity for exchange of energetic information is an innate ability that heightens awareness and mediates important aspects of true empathy and sensitivity to others Furthermore, we have observed that this energetic communication ability can be intentionally enhanced, producing a much deeper level of nonverbal communication, understanding, and connection between people. There is also intriguing evidence that heart field interactions can occur between people and animals.

In short, energetic communication via the heart field facilitates development of an expanded consciousness in relation to our social world.

The overwhelming majority of communication is non-verbal. It has a lot to do with the heart (as described above), the subconscious mind, and other phenomena foreign to physical perception. Intonations and body language, which are direct manifestations of your internal state, come into play as well. If your internal state is that of love, it will permeate all aspects of communication/interaction with others.

The love aura optimizes and harmonizes all forms of communication and interaction. So when people sense this harmonic field, they feel a “good vibe,” and are more likely to be friendly and at ease. But when you’re operating in fear, your heart’s field will be disharmonious, which people will feel as a “bad vibe,” and close-off or react negatively.

As you can imagine, the love aura ameliorates everything from friendly greetings to sexually-flavored interactions. People are naturally drawn to positive, love-based people. You don’t need egotistical facades like “game.” You don’t need pickup lines. Pickup lines are like relying on Google Translate to write a love letter, it just won’t come out right and will sound excruciatingly awkward. There’s no shortcut; you need to learn the language to make it work. (And the language in this case is love.) All you need is to have love for yourself and others (or BE love to yourself and others), and the rest falls into place.

The love aura is a multi-dimensional smile. An intrinsic bliss. A deep-seated, genuine confidence. An unconditional love for one’s self and others. The love aura allows you to be the master of your reality. It’s a positive, powerful, expansive vibe, and that’s what makes it so attractive.

When you operate in love, you let go of fear. Fear only exists in the absence of love (or ignorance to love). Fear is what dis-harmonizes us. Fear is what blocks us off to possibility. Fear is the self-imposed limitations. When fear is released, limitations are shattered and your entire being harmonizes as it should.

How to cultivate your love aura:

1. Show love. Be grateful. Show appreciation. Be positive. Smile. Spread love. BE love.

2. Let go of fear. This comes naturally the more you embrace the paradigm of love. Just be aware of fear when it arises (in any form), and let go.

3. Embark on the inner journey. Get to know yourself. Explore the unseen. Embrace the stillness when your mind is calm. Open yourself up to infinite possibility.

4. Smile, laugh a lot, and have fun.

There’s a certain depth in people’s eyes when they operate in love. That divine sparkle. You can see this in your own eyes if you look directly in a mirror and smile.

There’s a brilliant radiance that comes along with the love aura as well. Your skin, face, and persona become beaming beacons of pure love. It’s a beautiful thing.

And then, of course, there’s that irresistibly alluring aura. People just like being around you, and because of this it greatly benefits both friendly and potentially intimate interactions.

The love aura makes you more attractive on every level. It’s a gorgeous exemplification of a love-based, synchronized being.

Cultivate your love aura. Experience the magic of life.

Stay feelin’ good, feelin’ great.

-Stevie P!

Pay Attention To The Signs

We all get signs…

Subtle hints from the universe, pointing us towards certain directions in life.

It’s mysterious and unexplainable stuff, yet something we all experience. That’s what makes it so intriguing. A lot of times signs aren’t things we can necessarily prove, but phenomena which we all unequivocally experience.

All of us experience signs, but paying attention to them increases the quantity as well as the clarity of the messages conveyed. Becoming consciously aware of signs we experience allows us to more readily act on these seemingly cryptic cosmic clues.

When we tap into our intuition and follow the signs, life becomes magical and everything seems to just fall into place. Living becomes more exciting. More invigorating. More joyful… Like a game to be played.

Signs guide us on our life journey, just as street signs guide us to our destination while driving.

Signs come in any and every shape or form. That’s what can make them so elusive. It’s not like an alarm on your phone. Signs are far more unpredictable and subtle than that.

Here’s some common types of signs, from my experience.
*Note: Don’t limit it to these though, because they can literally come in any form.
Significant dates
Constant repetition of certain words or phrases
Different people asking you about the same thing
Deja vus
Common themes in dreams
An unexplainable attraction to something
Any strange/anomalous occurrences

There’s gotta be more that I’m not thinking of right now. Just keep an eye out, like “aye aye captain.”

When we ignore signs, or go against them, is when problems arise. A lot of “problems” are merely signs that we’re going against what our heart is pointing to. Signs that we’re resisting the flow of life.

Know that there is no 100% definitive answer for any signs either. There’s no answer sheet. No cheat sheet. We have to use our intuition and form our own conclusions as to where they point.

“In hindsight signs be glarin’ back
Where’s the map to show you where you’re at?
I can hear the crowd yellin
I can smell the tire smoke
I can hear the starter pistol
Where’s the track?”
Jay Electronica

Here’s how to follow the signs:

1. Set the intent. Once intent is established, the puzzle pieces start coming together. Create a desire that you truly believe you will attain, and it will inevitably manifest. The most effective way of doing this is to write a list of desires and keep it somewhere you see every day. (I have a list of my desires set as the background of my phone.)

2. Be aware and open. Signs can pop up in any way imaginable. Be aware and open to all possibility. You might see signs pointing you to a new job, a new place, a skill to acquire…etc. So stay on the lookout, mate.

3. Be grateful. There’s something magical about gratitude. When you’re grateful for what you have, you seem to attract more. I’ve experienced this firsthand. When I’m grateful, I attract more positive things in my life. Gratitude creates abundance. Gratitude is an open door, allowing things to easily flow in and out of your life. (The beneficial flows in, while the detrimental flows out, of course.)

4. Get some time for yourself. You don’t necessarily even have to meditate. Just consistently get some time to yourself, free of distractions. Whatever clears your mind and leaves you in a deep stillness. Because this is where you really tap into the magic of intuition, inspiration, and higher awareness. A little productive solitude sets the scene for intuitive living.

5. Write things down. ***If you don’t do anything else, do this*** 
Writing things down allows you to log and objectively evaluate signs you receive. This also makes you more aware, increases the amount of signs that pop up, and allows you to more effectively interpret their meanings. Writing things down brings them to fruition.

6. Develop heart consciousness. Follow your intuition. Let your heart guide you; not the mind or ego. The mind (and the ego too) makes a beautiful servant, but a terrible master. Learn to use the mind as a tool, without being a slave to it. Access your intuitive abilities. Tap into your inherent higher awareness. Let your heart lead the way. And you’ll experience a profound knowing. There’s a deep knowing experienced when you’re guided by your heart. Not believing, but KNOWING. Take heed to THAT feeling.

Check out these resources on the fascinating topic of heart consciousness:
Developing Heart Consciousness

7. Remember to take action. Nothing comes to you if you just sit there waiting for opportunity to knock. You must do the knocking. There’s opportunity behind every door. Pay attention to the signs and get to knockin. Knowledge is useless without action.

Intuitively following the signs.

Although it works in mysterious ways (well from a mind-based perspective at least), the heart always leads us in the right direction. You may not even initially realize this, because the heart is always many steps ahead of the analytical brain. The heart sees the bigger picture.

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

The mind, however, can be deceptive. The mind can justify anything. It can make up excuses for anything. It can talk us in, or out, of any situation. Plus, there’s dozens of cognitive biases that greatly distort our perception of reality. This is why it’s so important to let the heart guide, while allowing the mind to follow. Just don’t forget to use it when you need to.

Follow your heart but take your brain

A note on ego. (A major roadblock when following the signs.)

The ego is a product of the mind, and it sustains itself through fear. The ego fears not being accepted, so it wants to look cool. The ego fears scarcity, so it is selfish. The ego fears getting hurt, so it protects itself. The ego fears the unknown, so instead of taking leaps of faith, it makes up excuses. Like anything else, the ego can have its uses (expressing individuality, facing life or death situations…etc). But it gets real ugly when ego runs the show. The heart is love. The ego is fear. The heart doesn’t give a fuck about anything (besides unconditional love). The ego gives too many fucks, and constantly seeks validation. Pay attention to the signs, follow your heart, and experience the magic of existence.

2013-08-14 10.14.07

A sign I got to help me pay attention to the signs

An example of following the signs.

The most obvious example of signs is regarding relationships. So here’s a scenario: A man meets an attractive woman.

Sign #1 He HAD to talk to her as soon as he saw her. There was no question in his mind. He strongly needed to establish some sort of connection. So strongly that it overwhelmed any excuses his monkey brain could muster.

Sign #2 They met on the summer solstice, which has tons of spiritual significance. And it’s also a time to plant seeds, in every sense of the word.

Sign #3 A lot of synchronicity between the two of them. A lot of small, but meaningful “coincidences.” Like texting each other at the exact same time.

Sign #4 He set the intent just a few days before their meeting. He wrote a list of his desires and one of them was “a beautiful woman as a girlfriend.”

Yup, those are some signs alright. Signs indicating that that woman was meant to be in his life for some reason. Signs for her being significant to his life experience in some way. But the fun part is figuring out exactly what the signs mean as you go. In what kind of way is this meeting significant? That can only be revealed through taking action and seeing what happens.

We all need to pay more attention to the signs we get. It builds awareness, hones intuition, and makes life a magical adventure.

Follow your heart, and dive into the human experience.

Stay feelin’ good, feelin’ great.

-Stevie P!

^Thanks to my brother Tommy P for reminding me of that song.