The Visionary’s Creed

This is for the new wave of hard workers, everyone out there grinding towards their vision, not someone else’s. All of the self-starters, hustlers, artists, entrepreneurs, this is dedicated to you to help you keep going. Ultimately, these words are just a confirmation of what you already know deep down; that you’re living your truth.


I know what I want
I know how to get there
They may think differently
But I know me

Doubt arises
I set it aside
I know in my heart
That I’m walking in the direction of my truth

I see my vision
Crystal clear clarity
I meet it with persistence
Bringing dreams into reality

Fear grabs a hold of me
I hug it with courage
It fades back into illusion
Propelled by my truth
I keep moving

The path may be difficult
The road may be rough
Obstacles will present themselves
Unforeseen challenges may delay me
And my route may shift
But that’s a part of the pilgrimage
The challenge is where the magic is

It’s not about where I end up
It’s about who I become through the journey
More of myself


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Solitary Refinement: The Profound Power of Solitude

“Above measure the singular pleasure of solitude” – MF DOOM (Bookfiend)

That line serendipitously seems to seep into my consciousness whenever I’m immersed in the unique euphoria that solitude brings.

Solitude can be indescribably blissful, or utterly torturous, depending on your state of being and self-love. Solitary confinement? Or solitary refinement? The choice is up to you.

I spent the majority of this past weekend in solitude and it was completely cathartic. That’s why I’m even writing this right now.

We live in a society that overly praises extroverted tendencies and dismisses introverted tendencies as being “anti-social.” Noise is excessively celebrated, while the silence that all sound comes from is overlooked.

With this imbalance skewed towards extroversion, the word “alone” has become synonymous with “lonely.” But that’s not the case at all. You can be lonely in a crowd, or feel connected with all-that-is when alone.

I’ll ask you this: Have you mastered yourself, accepted yourself and do you love yourself enough to bask in the glory of solitude?

“Solitude is painful when one is young, but delightful when one is more mature.” – Albert Einstein

You must view solitude as a necessary practice in order to become the best version of yourself.

Solitude comes with an abundance of benefits. It’s no coincidence that many of the greatest people to walk the planet engaged in a regular practice of productive solitude.

Getting to know yourself.

The phrase “Know thyself” was famously inscribed at the Temple at Delphi. Knowing oneself is absolutely crucial for any form of self-awareness or personal growth.

Solitude is the fertile ground upon which the seeds of self-mastery of sewn. When it’s just you and your thoughts, you’re able to bring the subtleties of your own nature into conscious awareness.

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. If you realize that you have enough, you are truly rich.” – Lao Tzu


Everything you desire, is first and foremost, an inside job. External peace is not possible without inner peace. External harmony is not possible without inner harmony.

If you choose to be happy, you’re empowered. But if you rely on external factors to be happy, you’re giving your power away in exchange for victimhood.

By engaging in productive solitude, you build a solid foundation to become the master of your own destiny.

Idea generation.

Solitude gives you space to reflect. It provides the golden silence necessary for you to receive the subtle gems of the universe.

Ideas just flow effortlessly when you’re alone and in a good state of mind.


Solitude acts as a rejuvenating self-reset. It gives you the opportunity to take a break from the chaos of modern life and bring yourself back to equilibrium.

The ability to give more when around others.

Just as you’re able to perform at your physical peak after a good night’s rest, you’re able to give more to others after engaging in solitude. Restful yin energy is what allows for the maximization of the active yang energy.

Someone who has developed themselves simply has a greater capacity to give. Remember, you can’t truly love someone else if you don’t love yourself.

Also, independence is cultivated in solitude. So this means that you’re far less likely to be a nuisance or unnecessary burden to others. Conscious alone time is essentially flexing your handle-your-business muscle.

You’re most free when alone.

There are no compromises, no voting and no worries of pleasing people. Every decision you make is entirely up to you. That’s why it’s easy to be boldly spontaneous when alone, which can be a lot of fun.

Solitude fosters creation.

“Without great solitude no serious work is possible.” – Pablo Picasso

Almost all artistic creation occurs in solitude. There is a level of concentration reached when alone that just doesn’t happen around other people. Combine this with the idea generating nature of solitude and you have a recipe for prolific creation.

I create my best work when alone. I’m also hard pressed to create anything with others around. A subtle reason for this is that I give everything I’m doing my full attention. So if I’m with other people, connecting with them is my focus.

Great people have always embraced solitude.

People who have made a significant impact on the world spent a lot of time in solitude.

Buddha and Jesus went off by themselves for years. This solitude was a major part in both of their breakthroughs into the level of consciousness available to all of us.

A major aspect of the hero’s journey (described by Joseph Campbell) is this form of self-discovery.

To find deeper powers
Within ourselves
Come when life
Seems most challenging.”
– Joseph Campbell

Writers and any artists thrive off of solitude.

This goes hand-in-hand with the last two points. Solitude begets creation, as well as the self-reflection to produce timeless works of art.

Henry David Thoreau (The Notorious HDT) epitomized productive solitude with his two year getaway at Walden Pond, where he produced some of his best work.

“I’ve never found a companion that was so companionable as solitude.” – Henry David Thoreau

Don’t worry though, you don’t have to go to the extreme that Thoreau did to leverage the power of solitude. All it takes is making some productive solitude a regular practice.

The point of solitude is not in becoming a recluse, but in returning to the world as an ever-evolving version of yourself.

Cultivate the power of solitude.

Thoreau-ly enjoy yourself.

– Stevie P!

The Art of Random Mindblowing


A favorite activity of mine recently is randomly blowing people’s minds. Whether through conversation or action, it’s exciting to shake things up a little bit and get people to re-evaluate… well… everything.

Being a CRS (Certified Reality Shatterer) makes life so much more fun. Mindblowing, directed at both yourself and others, shakes up the bland monotony and adds some much needed spice back into life.

It is merging of your lighthearted, childlike essence with the wisdom of life experience; making the world your playground.

How to be a CRS (Certified Reality Shatterer)

Being a CRS means having fun with this experience of life. It’s being random, spontaneous and lovingly unpredictable. It’s shattering societal norms and blowing people’s minds (including your own).

It is being randomly funny, while not forcing people into anything or being preachy. It’s being unshakably yourself. No inhibitions and no fucks given. Living your inherent, brilliant uniqueness.

Comedically sneaking in wisdom is always fun…

Something like giving Pokémon cards to random people at a bar (yes, I’ve done that). Or saying “Planet Earth” when someone asks you where you’re from (my apologies to any extraterrestrial readers out there). Or even just being surprisingly kind. Believe it or not, it blows people’s minds when you go out of your way to be kind.

Another good one is calling the body a vessel, which I find hilarious, yet it implies that we’re infinite beings temporarily inhabiting human bodies. (getting deep on ’em)

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” -Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

And, remember, it’s all about shattering realities from a place of love. The art of random mindblowing is completely deviating from social norms and conditioning without causing harm to yourself or others.

Why do this seemingly ridiculous stuff?

The art of random mindblowing is making people re-evaluate everything and think differently, helping to create a world of brilliantly unique individuals. It’s dropping bits of wisdom in an entertaining manner.

It’s about being yourself. It’s about being free. It’s expressing your magnificent uniqueness.

We all sacrifice our freedom based on fear of what others think or pressure to conform to “norms.” And that’s no fun. Life is infinitely more fun and fulfilling when you do your own thing.

Imagine achieving the same level of minblowingness of Inception or The Matrix with your own ideas and actions. And making it funny, like a thought-provoking stand-up comedy set. Now that’s living.

“The decision is, do you want to live or want to exist?” -Andre 3000

The art of random mindblowing in action:

“Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Here’s Tom with the Weather.” -Bill Hicks

+A couple weeks ago at a crowded bar, I struck up a conversation with a really drunk girl comparing getting to the bar to a game of chess. We both agreed that we wouldn’t want to be a pawn haha. (Sneaking in deep insights.)

+One time, my friend Marcus spontaneously started konging on the street, next to a woman sitting outside at a restaurant. She didn’t know how to react. In case you don’t know what konging is…

+My Dad always purposely says the wrong name of anyone with a nametag (waitresses…etc.) It always creates an entertaining exchange.

+Mindblowing also works with evidence that effectively overturns commonly accepted truisms. Like how distance running is far from ideal for fat loss. I’ve shared this article (well worth the read) with a lot of people, and half-sarcastically say “I don’t wanna get fat” whenever the topic of long-distance running comes up.

+Inspired by writing the post, I did some CRS’ing today… In the parking lot of a Chipotle I walked up to a guy, while kind of staring at the sky, and asked “Excuse me, what planet is this?” in a tone of genuine curiosity. He looked at me and with a confused look said “Earth?” (almost second-guessing himself). Then I said “Ok, thank you.” turned around and walked away. I’m pretty sure he’ll be marinating on that moment for the rest of his life.

I’ve been doing a lot of random mindblowing lately; and been around some people who embody being a CRS as well. I hear a lot of things like “Oh, I never thought of it that way…” or “You’re funny/interesting.” Which is cool. Plus it’s just so damn fun.

Mindblowing intros:

“You look like some friendly beings.” -Me to a group of two women

“Hey, I recognize that vessel…” -My friend Marcus to some guy he met once before

“Hey, nice vessel.”

“What’s your thoughts on the human condition, in one sentence?”

“It’s a beautiful hologram we live in, right?”

Mindblowing goodbyes:

“Have the best night of your life.” -My friend Chris (to at least 100 different people on the streets of NYC one weekend)

“May all the dreams and desires of your heart come true this year.”Jay Electronica ending an interview. (I’ve started saying this one too; such a great way to say goodbye haha.)

And to piggyback on that Jay Electronica quote, I changed my email signature at work to say “May all the dreams and desires of your heart come true.” Now how’s that for shattering realities?

I also enjoy leaving people I’ll never see again with the classic David Icke quote… “Remember, infinite love is the only truth, everything else is illusion.”

I incorporate all this in my textual adventures too, especially with women I’m pursuing who are unresponsive. That’s the opportune time to let go, leave them with something thought-provoking, blow their mind and spark that inner light within. Exhibit A:


Now get out there and blow some minds. Have fun, be spontaneous, be yourself and enjoy life.

May all the dreams and desires of your heart come true.

-Stephen Parato, CRS


The Art of Not Giving a Fuck (eBook)

The Art of Not Giving a Fuck eBook is finally here!

Check it out HERE.

The Art of Not Giving a Fuck holds a special place in my heart. It’s the culmination of so much knowledge, wisdom and experience I’ve acquired over the years.

It is for everyone, including myself. I feel it has truly empowering and actionable information that will most certainly enhance your life. I also find myself consistently applying more and more of what is discussed since I began writing this book. I hope this work sparks something within you. I hope it acts as a catalyst for setting you on the path of empowerment, becoming the best version of yourself, having fun, and spreading joyfulness to others.

Even though the title is “The Art of Not Giving a Fuck,” it’s deep, insightful, spiritual and ultimately rooted in love. This book is a “Trojan horse” of sorts, in the way that it conveys messages of empowerment and love in an unorthodox way.

I wrote this book because I believe it contains crucial messages that will enhance our experience of life. I struggled a lot with fear of all kinds until recently. I cared way too much about the opinions of others, and this suppressed my true essence. But through a lot of self-work, inner exploration, and self-improvement in every aspect of life, I feel liberated and empowered. I let my awesome out, no fucks given.

The Art of Not Giving a Fuck is a combination of my knowledge/wisdom/experiences, the knowledge/wisdom/experiences of others, and reverse engineering the mind-sets of people I deeply admire.

There is so much out there, so much to learn, so much to experience. This is my collage of applied knowledge; my mosaic of wisdom and experience. This is my gift to the world. And I present it to you with a big, beaming smile as I write this.

I wish you a life filled with peace, love, happiness, health, learning, and most importantly FUN.

“You gain nothing by being bothered by life’s events. It doesn’t change the world; you just suffer.” – Michael A. Singer

Enjoy yourself!

-Stevie P!


Get your copy today —> The Art of Not Giving a Fuck (eBook)

And here’s the series of posts I did on The Art of Not Giving a Fuck:

Great Moments in the History of Not Giving a Fuck: Viral Edition

Good news…

The Art of Not Giving A Fuck eBook is set for release on Tuesday, February 25th!

And as the third and last installment of the mini-series “Great Moments in the History of Not Giving a Fuck,” I present to you the viral edition…

1. Russian guy dancing at a resort

I don’t think there’s anyone in the world more comfortable in their own skin. While most people are too self-conscious to even participate in things like this, this guy has the time of his life. Plus, he’s got some moves too. Fun over fear, my friends.


2. Guy singing and dancing to Bon Jovi at a Boston Celtics game

This guy (Jeremy Fry) does what everyone really wants to do, and it’s so awesome. So many people are so self-conscious and stuck living vicariously that they just sit there like zombies at events. Not this guy though! He doesn’t give a fuck. He made the day of thousands of people at the game, and millions who’ve seen it on Youtube. If I was wearing a hat, I’d tip it to this guy.


3. 55-year-old hard-drinking Slovenian man swims the entire Amazon River


Yeah, you read that right. That guy (Martin Strel, pictured above) really swam the entire Amazon, no fear and no fucks given. Read the article, it’s great. What an absolute legend.


4. Russell Brand tearing newscasters apart and mocking the current state of mainstream “news”

Russell Brand says what’s on his mind, doesn’t have any inhibitions, and shatters the trance that TV news usually has people in. And he does it all in a witty, hilarious, and surprisingly polite manner.


5. Elliott Hulse – Brain Slave No More

In this video, Elliott both discusses and demonstrates how we imprison ourselves in our bodies. He yells, stomps, shakes, screams; all of the things we would reactively (because of conditioning) call “crazy.” But you know what!? He’s right. How good does it feel to scream at the top of your lungs? It’s a cathartic release. We’re so conditioned to suppress feelings, emotions, and expression. But once you allow yourself to express (especially through the body), it’s positively liberating and creates harmony on so many levels.

Hope you enjoyed all these great moments. I hope they made your day. And I hope you, like me, have been inspired by some of these.

Can you think of any other Great Moments in the History of Not Giving a Fuck? Comment below.

And remember…

The Art of Not Giving a Fuck eBook is set for release on Tuesday February 25th, 2014. Mark your calendar!

Stay feelin’ good, feelin’ great.

Much love.

-Stevie P!


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The Art of Not Giving A Fuck eBook is Coming…

I have an announcement to make…

The latest Feelin’ Good, Feelin’ Great product is on its way!

The Art of Not Giving A Fuck eBook.

It’s an in depth, expanded, new & improved (ebook) version of my most popular post so far, The Art of Not Giving A Fuck.

What you’ll get out of The Art of Not Giving A Fuck eBook:

  • How to not give a fuck (from a place of Love)
  • Empowerment (bye bye victim mentality)
  • Making happiness your default state
  • Learn to not let anything disturb your happiness
  • Learn that being offended is a choice
  • How to be more present, and live in the moment
  • Live life to the fullest
  • Rediscover your inner child
  • Take more action
  • Improve social skills
  • Transcend fear (in all forms)
  • Become the master of your mind (not a slave to it)
  • Embrace your uniqueness
  • Let your awesome out
  • How to make life fun
  • Experience true freedom
  • Increase genuine confidence
  • Think (and act) for yourself
  • Live life on your own terms
  • And much much more.

Who knows what we’re really capable of? Live The Art of Not Giving a Fuck and step into your true potential.

*Preview of the chapters*

  1. Intro
  2. The Fundamentals (Laying the Foundation)
  3. Happiness (The Way of Travel)
  4. Out of Your Mind
  5. Presence
  6. Detach Into Happiness
  7. Letting Go
  8. Transcend Fear (Love vs Fear)
  9. Take Action Or Forget About It
  10. Not Caring About What Other People Think
  11. Be A Big Kid
  12. Be Like Water
  13. Fuck Perfection
  14. The Video Game Perspective (A uniquely awesome perspective on life)
  15. How To Make it Work
  16. The Givenofucks Lifestyle (Living The Art Of Not Giving A Fuck) (Conclusion)
  17. Bonus Chapter!

…And some sneak peak snippets to pique your interest:

The art of not giving a fuck is embodying this mentality:
“My natural state is pure happiness, and I’m not letting anything disrupt it.”


Each fuck you give is a piece of a dam, blocking the flow of perpetual bliss.


It’s useless to sweat the small stuff (and most of it is small stuff). Really, everything matters way less than you initially think. Are you going to remember the time that guy cut you off in traffic when you’re on your deathbed? Nope. Shit happens. Life goes on. Make the most out of it by choosing happiness. Experience, live, and learn without ALLOWING (*keyword*) anything to interrupt your happiness.


The 4 Fundamentals of The Art of Not Giving A Fuck:
1. Don’t take yourself too seriously.
2. Don’t be a psycho.
3. Be dynamic and flexible.
4. Be willing to trust yourself.


And ultimately, love is not giving a fuck, while fear is giving a fuck.


Not caring what other people think is the ultimate freedom. That means you’re guided by your own judgment, not anyone else’s.


Being offended is a choice…


Our happiness depends on us. But when you start giving a fuck, you allow your happiness to be determined by external circumstances. Snatch your power back by not giving a fuck.


The Art of Not Giving a Fuck is based on learning experiences, insights I’ve revealed to myself and actions I’ve taken that have greatly helped me along my journey.

Over the past few years, I went from giving way too many fucks and living in fear, to not giving a fuck (from a place of Love) and feelin’ good, feelin’ great. I used to care way too much about everything. Worrying about what people think, anxiety regarding the future, regrets about the past, fear of acceptance, fear of failure…etc. All self-allowed bullshit that blocked my shine. But since I started implementing just some of what I discuss in The Art of Not Giving A Fuck, I’ve become genuinely happy and empowered. I operate in Love, not fear (Well, most of the time at least. We can’t all be perfect, right?). I was once just along for the ride, but I’m now the captain of my ship; sailing in the direction of awesome, no fucks given. You can be too.

Not giving a fuck (from a place of Love) enhances every aspect of your being, gives you true freedom and allows you to truly enjoy life, as we all should. The Art of Not Giving a Fuck is chock full of unique insights, provocative philosophy, actionable points, and practical advice from an angle you won’t find anywhere else.

I’m genuinely proud of this work and can’t wait to share it with the world.

I’m also doing an original series of posts to promote The Art of Not Giving a Fuck eBook starting next week. I can’t reveal the theme quite yet, but make sure to keep an eye out for ’em 😉

Stay feelin’ good, feelin’ great, my friends.

-Stevie P!

PS- Check out my other products, if you haven’t already…

You Don’t Have To Be An Asshole To Be Assertive (E-Course)

The Racing Thoughts Cure (eBook)



The Art of Not Giving A Fuck

Introducing: The Art of Not Giving a Fuck.

Note: If you’re offended by my use of the word “fuck”, you probably need to read this 😉

Loving Life... No fucks given.

Loving life… No fucks given.

You don’t have to cling on to things you can’t change. Life is about learning to let go.

You don’t have to get hung up over everything. When you resist the present moment, you’re resisting all that is. Be like water, my friend. Flow through the terrain of life.

You don’t have to carry the baggage of the past with you. You’ll accumulate more and more over time, making it increasingly harder to move forward. (Plus, the past only exists in our minds anyway.) Let go.

You don’t have to worry about what might happen in the future. You don’t have to play out all of the “what if” scenarios in the fantasy-land of your mind. Just go with the flow. Have an idea of where you’re headed, but live in the moment. When you’re driving somewhere, do you stare at the destination (if you can even see it)? Or do you focus on the road? Know where you’re headed, I’m told. But drive with your eyes on the road.

You don’t have to sweat the small stuff. It matters way less than you think at the time. Are you going to remember the time that guy cut you off in traffic when you’re on your deathbed? Nope. Shit happens. Life goes on. Make the most out of it by choosing happiness.

Experience, live, and learn without LETTING (keyword) anything interrupt your happiness.

This is the art of not giving a fuck.

Being unaffected by external scenarios. Being in control of how you feel. Choosing to let things go. Choosing to not succumb to fear. You have the power to choose your actions (and reactions) in every moment. You are the master of YOUR WORLD.

Now you might be like, “If I didn’t care about anything, I wouldn’t get anything done. I’d lose my job, my family, and end up homeless.” Or “If I didn’t care about anything, what would stop me from doing something like killing someone?”

Well, I’m glad you asked…

Here are 8 steps on how to not give a fuck while getting things done and not screwing up your life:

1. Take action or forget about it – Realize what you can and can’t control. If you can take action regarding something, then do it! Get it done and move on. If not, forget about it. No sense worrying about something out of your control. Simple as that.

Lifehacking tip: Ever keep thinking (that incessant, anxious kind of thinking) about things you have to do tomorrow? Here’s a simple way to clear your mind; make a to-do list. Instead of marinating on everything your head, write it all down. Get it out of your mind and on the paper (or screen). The act of writing things down works magic in terms of clearing the mind. Try it out.

2. No fear – Every action is rooted in either fear or love (they’re opposites if you didn’t know). The art of not giving a fuck means not succumbing to fear in any form. This includes worry, anxiety, hate, anger, resentment, inferiority, jealousy, fear of what others think, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of punishment, fear of your true self, fear of responsibility, fear of damaging your ego, fear of killer tomatoes…etc.

And not succumbing to fear means you’re operating with love. So that means you’re not going to do things that harm yourself or others. If you do things that cause harm, you’re acting out of fear. Come from a balanced place of less fear, and your not giving a fuck will be more like Spongebob and less like a violent felon.

3. Detachment- Be in the world, but not of it. See the bigger picture. Don’t cling. Put your ego aside. Detachment is drawing back your perception. Living through your “higher self” instead of your ego. Realizing that everything in life is a learning experience. Detachment is greatly useful in work situations. For things you don’t want to do, but you need to do to improve (or at least prevent regression) in life.

4. Letting go – The baggage of the past grows heavier and heavier as you move through life. If you hold on to everything, you eventually won’t be able to move forward. If you let go (detach) of all of the unnecessary baggage, you’re free to move through life as you choose. Lose the excess load you’re carrying and run around freely in the present moment.

5. Be present – If you’re sitting at your kitchen table eating dinner, why would you worry about work tomorrow? That’s tomorrow. You’re sitting at your kitchen table now. That’s all that exists. You’re projected reality of tomorrow only exists in your mind. Let go and enjoy your damn dinner. All we have is the present, and it’s a gift.

6. Express and get it all out – Empathy is what makes us human. And as a result, our interactions with others are deeply meaningful. Not giving a fuck means expressing how you feel in these situations.

If someone you care about dies, it’s natural to grieve. Cry your eyes out in order to move on. If you hold (holding = attachment) back, you’re not letting go of what you feel. You’re bringing more baggage with you.

For example, my family’s dog died last week (RIP Otto). He was 15 years old and I was really close with him since I was a little kid. When I heard the news, I cried (hard) for an hour or so. I let it all out, no fucks given. But you know what? Since I did that, I feel so at peace with it now.

If you love someone, it’s natural to express it. If you never express it, you keep (keep = owning more baggage) that with you until you either express it or die. Plus, that person will never know how you feel, and that’s a damn shame.

Express yourself (read my post on it here). And don’t give a fuck about expressing yourself. Then go back to not giving a fuck in general.

7. “This too shall pass” mentality – Everything is temporary. Every moment is fleeting, both “good” and “bad.” Realize that it will all pass more quickly than you think. This will allow you to truly appreciate the “good” moments, and not give a fuck about the “bad” moments.

8. Everything is a learning experience – When you view everything as a learning experience, and failures become lessons. Hardships become character builders. Lack becomes opportunity. Perception is reality. Life is like a video game. Keep leveling up.

Stop getting hung up on everything. Stop getting angry. Stop worrying. Stop resisting the present.

Experience, learn, and enjoy every moment.

Life is too short to give a fuck. Too short to succumb to fear. Too short to throw away your happiness.

Stay feelin’ good, feelin’ great.

– Stevie P

Buy the full ebook, The Art of Not Giving A Fuck on Amazon today!