Life Pyramid

The Life Pyramid is a little diagram I came up with to illustrate our relationship with ourselves and the world around us. Here’s the explanation:

Mind/Body/Soul: The foundation of everything in life

These are, by far, the things we have the most control of. Everything that happens externally is a reflection of what’s happening internally.

What is a strong mind? Being the master of your thoughts and emotions, not a slave to them. Using your mind to project positivity, visualize a goal, and have the willpower necessary to attain goals.

What is a strong body? In harmony, free of dysfunction. Free of tension. Reliable. Able to perform tasks with relative ease. The temple. A vehicle to make life easier more enjoyable.

What about the soul/spirit? The intangible, omnipotent force that resides behind your conscious mind. Pure energy. Pure love. Pure consciousness. When you stop becoming a slave to your thoughts, you open yourself up to the universe and the soul/spirit starts working it’s magic. When you’re in touch with it, situations arise, people come into your life to guide you, and you realize how malleable reality is.

Aura: The energy you project

This is the result of the mind/body/soul being in a positive state and acting harmoniously. It’s the vibe you get from people, and people get from you. It’s when you’re operating at the right frequency. It’s the energy you project to the world. When people gravitate towards you because of your amicable disposition. When strangers ask you for advice because you seem approachable. When people feel at ease around you. It’s all of those unspoken, intangible things that are conveyed externally from your inner self.

Interactions: What you do and how you interact with the world around you

These are the actions you take throughout life. The choices you make. What you say. What you do. Interactions affect others and the world around you, as well as yourself. A person who has mastered everything described above interacts with reality in a way that benefits the world around them, and brings happiness to themselves and others.

Legacy: The intangibles you leave behind in this reality

This is how you affect this reality during your time here. What you leave behind. Your mark on this plane of existence. It is the culmination of everything else in the Life Pyramid.