An Active Meditation For People Who Don’t Meditate

impatient meditation

Do you have trouble just sitting in silence?

Are your thoughts relentless and chaotic?

Well, here’s some good news… You’re not alone. Not at all.

In our culture of busyness and information overload, it’s nearly impossible to just sit in silence and instantly find peace like a yogi in the Himalayas.

We have work, responsibilities, stress, to-do lists, bills to pay and so much weighing on our mind. Without first addressing your stress, tension and cluttered mental-emotional state, it’s really difficult to just shut your mind off.

The solution to this is active meditation. Active meditation uses movement to cultivate stillness. It allows you to release all of the baggage you’re holding onto and clears the space to rest in the peaceful bliss at the core of your being.

Not only is active meditation highly effective, it’s also a lot of fun.

Meditation can be broadly defined as anything that brings a state of mindfulness, consciousness or awareness. And active meditation uses movement to get to this state.

I recently came up with an active meditation that I call Primal Meditation. I naturally found myself doing this the other day. And intuitively, I was guided to do it in a particular order, which felt so natural. Its foundation is drawn from Osho’s active meditations, along with the influence of Elliott Hulse and much of my own experience.

The whole thing only takes about 20-25 minutes. Anyone can do it, no matter your schedule or meditation experience. And the best thing about it is that it’s a whole lot of fun to do.

Primal Meditation

Part 1. Shake and Dance

Shake your body. Bounce gently at first and shake your arms and legs. Dance with the intent of working out kinks and energetic stuckness. Shake and flow. Engage in non-linear movements (wiggles, not right angles). Don’t try to look good, focus on flowing and releasing stuckness.

After just a few minutes of this, you will literally feel your energy become unblocked and begin to circulate more freely.

Music: Syria (Satori Remix) by Unders
Length: 8-9 minutes

Part 2. Gibberish

Freestyle rap or sing in gibberish. Pretend it’s a language you’re making up. The key is to not say anything with meaning, only nonsense. Let it flow out without judgment. Make any noises or sounds you feel like making. Get your body involved too while doing it.

Music: 808 TRAP BEAT INSTRUMENTAL – Strip Joint by 808 District
Length: 4-5 minutes

Part 3. Deep Breathing

Breathe deeply to the song. Find your own rhythm. As long as you’re breathing deeply, into your belly, that’s all that really matters. You can move your body intuitively as you breathe too, almost like tai chi or qigong.

Music: Breathe by Fabolous (Instrumental version)
Length: 4-5 Minutes

Part 4. Lay on the Floor

Lie on your back with your palms facing up (like savasana, or corpse pose, in a yoga class). Let go of any remaining tension you’re holding onto. Notice how your body feels. Notice any thoughts that arise in your mind. Become the observer. Allow yourself to just be.

Music: Silence
Length: Until you feel like getting up

To end the meditation, sit up, hold your heart with both hands, feel gratitude, then go about your day.

A note on customization: You can pick your own songs to use, as long as they don’t have words (because words can be distracting). But the songs I listed work as a good starting point, especially in terms of the vibe of each stage and the general amount of time.

The Benefits of Shaking and Dancing

Shaking breaks up neurotic holding patterns we have. It’s the simplest way to release tension and stress held in the body. When we hold emotions, they manifest in the body. Stress, for example, will result in tightening muscles throughout the body and clenching the jaw. There’s a reason why we use the expression “shake it off.” We’re literally shaking off our fears, anxieties, worry, stress, tension, frustration, sadness, grief…etc.

Dancing is a brilliant form of self-expression using the body. When the body flows physically, we allow our energy and emotions to flow as well, instead of becoming stuck. Dancing is also a means of releasing pent up energy. Most people in today’s world hold onto a lot of stress and fear, and don’t move their body as much as they should. And rarely do we move our bodies in an intuitive, non-linear and flowing way. The more flowing movement allows the analytical brain to relax, the ego to loosen its grip and all forms of fear to melt away.

We all know how good dancing feels, especially when we let go of judgment and really get into it.

The Benefits of Gibberish

“Gibberish is one of the most scientific ways to clean your mind and break the habit of continual inner


Gibberish is a brain dump of language. We’re crammed with words throughout our whole life, starting from the day we’re born. Gibberish allows you to break free from incessant internal verbalization and creates space for silence, peace and deep bliss.

It may sound crazy, but you can literally feel the benefits of gibberish within seconds.

The Benefits of Breathing

Obviously, breathing is necessary for even surviving. But conscious, deep breathing is important for THRIVING.

The breath is the bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind. It is the gateway to self-mastery. When done consciously and deeply, breathing has some profound benefits.

In relation to this meditation, the breathing stage rebalances your whole being and allows you to integrate the space you’ve created by shaking, dancing and speaking gibberish.

Deep breathing also floods your body with chi, or prana, and gives you a calm energy. It cultivates an environment of mindfulness, bliss and inner peace.

Dancing, shaking, gibberish and deep breathing allow you to clear your mental chatter, unkink emotional stuckness and release into a state of peace and clarity.

This meditation basically creates the space for inner peace to blossom.

For those who want a deeper dive into active meditations and clearing negativity, I highly recommend my course Primal Release. You can get the course by clicking the image below.

Much love.

– Stevie P!

primal release

Overcome Stagnation with This 3 Minute Trick


I just spent the whole morning writing. And I definitely sat down for too long, so I was feeling stagnant and utterly uninspired. I wasn’t just physically stagnant, but mentally as well (they’re intimately interconnected).

You know that feeling, right? It’s that eye-rolling combination of being drained, dreary, exhausted and indecisive, with no mental capacity or motivation to do anything.

I knew that I had to do something about it. I needed to create a shift somehow or I would feel like a rusty wheelbarrow with a flat tire for the rest of the day.

So I did the following, and in about 3 minutes I felt anew and reinvigorated.

3 Minutes to Overcome Stagnation

Step 1) Put on a song you love – Play any song that makes you feel good.

Step 2) Take 10 deep breaths – Breathe deeply into your belly. Feel the energy flowing within. Remember this: Shallow breathing makes you feel like shit and deep breathing makes you feel awesome.

Step 3) Do some stretches, yoga poses or any mobility exercises – Do whatever comes to you, whatever your body feels like doing (listen to it). Just get your body moving, release built-up tension, get your blood pumping and your energy circulating. Break out of the rigid rigamortus. Open up and bring your body back its healthy, supple state.

If you’re a complete newbie to this stuff, try Elliott Hulse’s Bioenergizer Warmup.

Step 4) Dance – Feel the music. Let loose and let your body creatively express itself. This is cathartic physically, mentally and emotionally. Don’t underestimate the power of dance. A few minutes of dancing like you’re possessed by the music will shift your momentum for the rest of the day.

By the time the song’s over, you’ll feel like a new (wo)man.

This is a quick and simple strategy to help you overcome the inertia of stagnation and set your momentum in a positive direction.

From there, you’ll feel like you can do anything. After putting this technique to use, I had so much energy that I went right into an intense workout. It felt amazing.

Try out this technique the next time you’re feeling stagnant. It really works.

Life is movement. No movement, no life. Know movement, know life.

Keep flowing.

– Stevie P

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What We Can Learn From Drunk People

Drunk people scream, shout, yell, chant, sing, laugh, run, jump, stomp, dance, tell you they love you, and everything in between.

Why though?



Expression at its finest

Normally we (as “adults”) suppress everything. We have way too many inhibitions. We keep most things to ourselves. We’re conditioned to not express ourselves. And we’ve learned to blend in with the crowd. We’re afraid to stand out. We’re afraid to express our uniqueness.

But drunk people are a different animal. When intoxicated, most people behave the exact opposite way of everything described above. I guess that’s why a lot of people abuse alcohol. But we can reach same end (while sober) with just a few simple steps. Cheers.

Disclaimer: I’m not advocating drinking. We all know it’s not good for us. But we can take the positive aspects of drunken antics and apply them to our everyday, (hopefully) sober lives. That’s the point I’m getting at here.

Drunk people, for the most part, act like kids. And I mean that in a good way. Think about it. Kids scream, shout, yell, chant, sing, laugh, run, jump, stomp, dance, tell you they love you, and everything in between. Sound familiar?

I was eating lunch in Battery Park the other day and noticed the stark contrast between kids and adults. The kids were running around and having fun. Screaming with laughter, playing tag, picking up branches twice their size, just livin the dream. Then there were the “grown-ups.” Stone-face and emotionless, way too serious for their own good. Buncha nuclear boreheads. And this included me. So I jumped up and cracked a joke, in a desperate attempt to prove to myself that my inner child is still alive and kickin’.

Transcending inhibition and living freely is within reach. We just have to grab it.

So here’s what we can do to harness the positive aspects of drunk behavior (without resorting to drinking like a frat boy everyday):

Realize that holding everything in is terrible for you. So start expressing yourself.

-Learn from your drunk self (well, that’s if you drink). Take the positive aspects of your drunk self and apply them when you’re sober. All the random spontaneity, dancing, singing, and chanting that comes with it. Why not be like that (but with some control) all the time?

-Learn from kids. Look at kids in public places compared to adults. It’s such a stark contrast. Kids play, run around and laugh. Most adults sit, stone-faced and expressionless, like zombies. See my article on this HERE. As funny as it sounds, kids and drunk people have a lot of overlapping, positive behaviors that we can apply. Be more like a kid, while still handling your business.

^Those last two points pretty much equate to unleashing your drunken inner child. Who even gives advice like that?

-Do things to build confidence. INVEST IN YOURSELF. Exercise. Eat right. Read. Acquire skills. Travel. Do awesome things. Don’t sit around and watch tv all day. Do interesting things, and you will become interesting. Invest in yourself and genuine confidence naturally results (genuine confidence >>> liquid courage). Building confidence helps a lot with the next point too…

-Stop caring what people think. Nothing new here. But once you align with the idea that freedom comes from not caring what others think, you will begin to transcend inhibitions.

-Stop defaulting into “normal” behavior and do some random shit. Let your awesome out. Go climb a tree dressed in business casual, and bang your chest like King Kong or something. It feels great.

Oh, and last but not least, respect the stance.


As Bruce Lee said,
“Absorb what is useful (no inhibitions, random spontaneity, expression… etc),
Discard what is not (gettin waaasted),
Add what is uniquely your own (do you!).”

Be yourself, because nobody’s better at it.

-Stevie P!