New Beginnings and Endless Endings

A poem…


New beginnings and endless endings
Infinitely dancing
In a bittersweet twist
Of co-created fate

An ever-evolving cloud of possibility
Recycling existence
Ceaselessly raining new life

Drops diving into the ocean of eternity
Both infinitesimal and inconceivably meaningful
For the ocean is but a union
A union of individual drops

Rippling through the timeless now
Touching the deepest aspect of self
Subtly reminding us
Of our shared essence


Live It



It’s all about experiences
The people
The places
The “good” times
And the “bad”

The human experience
Is to be wholeheartedly embraced
Thoroughly enjoyed

Be fully aware
Feel the wonder of existence
From traveling to new lands
To the simple pleasure of air entering your lungs
It’s all magical

We are the Universe
Experiencing itself
From a perfectly unique perspective
Treasure the vantage point
That blink in the eye of eternity

Cherish the moment


Live it