A Completely Different Perspective On Trump’s Presidency (This Will Make You Think)

Note: This article was written by Bernhard Guenther and originally appeared on Collective Evolution. I don’t usually re-share articles, but this article is phenomenal and so necessary.

Considering the hype around the latest celebrity statement about Trump by Meryl Streep and the upcoming ritual to put “the man” into “power” officially (which will most likely result in protests by moral, upstanding patriotic citizens), I thought to repost what I wrote (trigger warning!) right after the election.

Hint: This is going to come down to you, and it’s deep!

Here’s the thing from a basic Jungian perspective: Trump is your shadow, America, a reflection of your unconscious, especially concerning people who identify themselves as Leftist, Liberals, and Progressives, their own shadow which they never deeply acknowledged, and hence project outwardly at the “other side” in their “holier than thou” political correct attitude, over-estimating themselves and dreaming to be awake.

The self-inflation, narcissism, greed, the “bigger is more,” the “quantity over quality,” the entitlement, the hypocrisy, the drive for recognition and fame, the “best” in the world, the bully, the “money can buy everything,” the racism and sexism, etc…..or anything else you despise in the man….it’s all you, buried in your unconscious. It’s also the shadow side of the “American Dream” and obviously reflected in America’s Imperialism.

It’s About You!

Anyone who identifies him/herself as “Liberal,” “Progressive,” “Leftist,” and projects disgust, hate, or anger on to this man, (really anyone who is triggered/irritated by Trump beyond political identifications), or reacts with fear, sadness, worry: you are looking at your own shadow and it won’t go away if you keep up with these reactive projections and look for external solutions or a different “leader” to follow or project your “hope” onto while still believing in the religion of government (which feeds off of the polarization and perpetuates separation consciousness) based on illusory tribal/national identification and adherence to/worship external authority constructs.

Moreover, nothing will change but will in fact reinforce the schism as long as you keep identifying with any side because it defines the other side. One cannot have the one without the other as long as you feed and play into this game of fabricated false duality which is exactly how Empire controls you – all entirely based on illusory socially/cultural conditioned identifications and beliefs which you are so attached to and define yourself by. It’s the basis for population control and social engineering, reinforcing the Stockholm Syndrome and “invisible” slavery/prison out of your own “free will.”


But here’s the real “shocker.” Trump is actually your “teacher,” for he creates more friction and shadow triggers, hence more potential to wake people up from an esoteric alchemical perspective (Clinton would have been the sleeping pill for most people, even though she’s the more dangerous psychopath, hidden behind the mask of a “woman”), but only if people take back their projections and engage in some serious and sincere soul searching cutting through their programed socially/cultural conditioned identifications to ignite the alchemical fire within.

Any negative reactive emotion you have towards the “man” (including his silly tweets) or his supporters is a sign of giving away your power and life energy (literally). It shows you where you work is when it comes to basic Jungian psychology of shadow work until you can come to a place of non-reactive zero-point consciousness rising above fabricated duality and tuned into your true inner power and guidance, connected to Spirit and the wholeness of nature: a sovereign embodied Individual.

If you do that sincerely and go deep, you will finally stop believing in and supporting this religion of government (that was never, ever in place for the people and never, ever can give you true freedom), and realize that it was never about Trump, Clinton, Sanders or any other authority statist puppet to begin with, stop this silly idea of “voting for change” and fragmented mechanical/programmed search for “external solutions” and “leaders, worship of authority and then really, really question everything you believe in and have been told/taught, and most of all drop and let go of your identification, which just feeds the polarization. This the path towards a true shift and evolution of consciousness. Anything else is just going in circles, re-arranging the furniture and tapestry of your prison cell (you are not aware of), instead of breaking out of it.

And that is not a comfortable (internal) process at all for it entails utter disillusionment and taking full responsibility without blame and externalizing. Nobody can do it for you and nobody is going to save you. It takes tremendous humility and sincere self-honesty facing the lies within, which make up your conditioned personality, which is not who YOU truly ARE but mistake for you real Self. It’s much easier to project outwardly, protest, look for the next leader and keep up with the futile idea of fragmented “activism,” new “systems” and “external solutions,” all based on the fragmented male aspect of consciousness (your inner unconscious tyrant projected on Trump) removed from the wholeness of the feminine aspect of consciousness (nothing to do with gender) that is tuned into the wholeness of nature.

In the end, America got the president it “deserved” and when you act like slaves, looking for a leader/savior to follow, you get masters…and always will, as long as you support and believe in the religion of government, regardless what system is implemented. Also “democracy” seems like such a good idea until you don’t get your way, right? (oh, I forgot, it was the Russians messing with the election…right, of course….whoever you want to blame and keeps you from looking deeply within into your own shadow).

Obama mirror

That’s just on the surface 3D level. From a hyperdimensional perspective, all the anger and disgust, anything projected on the “man,” the polarization, protests, revolts, hypocritical speeches of statist celebrities about “empathy,” “equality,” and “protecting truth,” engaging in this unconscious shadow dance and reacting mechanically (and programmed) is exactly what the occult Matrix overlords and Empire want you to do and feed upon. In fact, that frequency is all they are after for it strengthens your slavery and sustains them, no matter what puppet they put in place for you to identify with or project anger on. It’s the old game of divide and conquer…and the Matrix has you.

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. Everyone carries a Shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is. When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate.”

~ Carl G. Jung


“At every turn, the synthetic culture of Empire implores us to throw our hearts and minds into unconscious polarization. It wants us to radicalize ourselves to either patriot or terrorist, believer or atheist, white or black, liberal or conservative, strong or weak, and then embark on an endless crusade to reform, condemn, or destroy the other side. This one-way polarization renders all participants impotent, regardless of which side they pick. This subtle but devastating trick deactivates our will and we automatically forfeit our capacity to rule ourselves. Lost in unconscious polarization, we serve Empire.

Mass culture is a control mechanism that devalues the individual. It is aimed solely at promoting collectivism. It seeks to enforce the dependence of the individual human on a collective group and the priority of group ideologies over individual life paths. It is, at the base level, the very heart of socialism, communism, fascism and totalitarianism. It employs nationalistic impulses to setup polarities of antagonism that exclusively benefits a set of ruling elites. At the top level, the elites fully comprehend that there are no distinct nations, ideologies or cultural imperatives to speak of. To them, there is only power and no power.”

~ Neil Kramer


“[Look] at what happened in 1914 – or for that matter at all that is and has been happening in human history – the eye of the Yogin sees not only the outward events and persons and causes, but the enormous forces which precipitate them into action. If the men who fought were instruments in the hands of rulers and financiers, these in turn were mere puppets in the clutch of those hidden [hyperdimensional] forces.

When one is habituated to see the things behind, one is no longer prone to be touched by the outward aspects – or to expect any remedy from political, institutional or social changes; the only way out is through the descent of an [embodied] consciousness which is not the puppet of these forces but is greater than they are.”

~ Sri Aurobindo

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Judgment


I have a confession to make…

Up until very recently, I would judge people… A lot.

Just when I thought I was “spiritually evolved” and free from my ego, it would sneak in through the back door and whisper things about other people like “They’re so closed-minded. How can they not see that? I’m better.”

Judgment is an egocentric, energy-sapping distraction that inhibits everyone’s freedom.

I’ve been shining a light on this within myself and have almost put a stop to the judgment entirely by practicing a simple process of awareness and letting go.

Now whenever I have the inclination to judge people, I remind myself:

1. I’m only judging other people because it’s an outward manifestation of self-judgment.

2. Whatever I’m bothered by is a reflection of something within me that I need to address.

3. It’s none of my business what anyone else does. Everyone is a sovereign being on their own journey. Thinking there is a right/best way to live is an insult to uniqueness and laughably ignorant.


The Solutions (How to Let Go of Judgment like 1,2,3)

1. Find the root of self-judgment by answering these questions: How am I judging myself? Why am I judging myself in the first place?

Directly address these questions and change the underlying belief. Here’s my personal example:

I have long judged myself with the belief pattern “I’m not good enough yet. I can do better.” I can be very hard on myself and I put pressure on myself to constantly excel at everything. A lot of this self-judgment stems from my childhood experiences (like most ingrained beliefs). After a soccer game, for example, my dad would say things like “It’s good that you scored a goal, but you could have scored another one.” Or if I got a 90% on a test at school: “It’s good that you got a 90% on the test, but you got that easy question wrong.” I eventually took these on as self-criticisms and have kept tremendous pressure on myself for most of my life. Nothing was ever good enough. This self-judgment can manifest in many ways if I’m caught in my ego, mostly in the form of being hyper-sensitive to criticism or comparing myself to others (feeling either superior or inferior based on whatever qualities are being compared).

The Release (Awareness + New Belief)
Since I’ve become aware of the root belief, I’m able to “catch” the judgment and it now disappears on the spot (it’s coming up less and less frequently too).

I’ve also been using an affirmation to release this self-critical belief pattern. I say this to myself every day, and the self-criticism is loosening its grip on me: I love myself AS I AM RIGHT NOW.

This all applies to the fear of being judged as well. Fear of judgment from others only exists because you’re judging yourself first. Find the root of the self-judgment, release it and allow yourself to be.

2. Find the internal cause of external judgment by asking: What within me is this circumstance triggering?

I see a lot of people I know getting engaged and married. And this triggers judgment within me. I view it as people blindly following what society tells us to do, giving up their freedom and binding themselves with (fear-based) oaths and legalities instead of being together out of pure love.

Note: This is my opinion. I’m not saying I’m right (or that you should think the same way I do). I’m merely using the subject of marriage as an example of a trigger for me.

Engagement and marriage trigger three things within me. The first is my desire for maximum freedom. Whenever I interpret something as a “loss of freedom,” I get triggered. The irony of this is that by being judgmental, I become a slave to my ego. Ha!

The second aspect is that it’s a way for my ego to feel superior. My ego would say things like “I’m too smart to fall into those societal traps which aren’t working out for most people. Don’t they know that marriage started as a political tool to create alliances? Or that engagement rings are a scam created by De Beers? Well, I do.” The ego will use any fuel it can get to prop itself up.

And the third thing it triggers is the fact that I’ve never had a long-term intimate relationship (yet). This is because I’ve held opposing beliefs of a lifelong relationship being “less free,” while simultaneously desiring a life partner.

The Release (Awareness + New Belief)
I’m in the process of reconciling those seemingly opposing beliefs regarding relationships. I now firmly believe that I can have a life partner without giving up any freedom. It just won’t be exactly according to the (obviously failing) rigid script of western society.

And you know what? This subtle shift in my underlying beliefs is already working. I’m not triggered as much anymore and I’m attracting amazing people into my life.

3. Allow, allow, allow.

Allow everyone else to just be. There is no one-size-fits-all way of living. The world already has too many people telling others what to do. We’re all here, as unique aspects of Source, to spur its continuous evolution through new viewpoints and diverse experiences. Allowing is in harmony with that, control is not.

I know that I can’t control anyone (nor would I really want to, to be honest). The only thing I can do is INSPIRE people based on what I’m doing with myself!

So, like with everything else in this physical reality, the only way out is in. Do the inner work and the external takes care of itself.

Let’s all put our gavels down and frolic in freedom.

Much love.

– Stevie P!

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How To Hone Your Intuition

Let’s start off with a question….

What is intuition?

Intuition is defined as the act or faculty of knowing or sensing without the use of rational processes; immediate cognition. It’s basically a deep feeling of knowing or understanding that bypasses the mind. It’s an intrinsic, inner perception.

The word intuition is derived from the Latin word intueri, which is usually translated as “to look inside” or “to contemplate.”

What’s interesting about intuition is that it’s usually inexplicably accurate. You’ll often see statements like “The science is brand-new, but it’s not as if people didn’t have this intuition before…” (I literally just read that in this article.)

Uncle Al ftw

Uncle Al ftw

Strong intuitive feelings have come few and far between for me, until recently. I’ve had to consistently work towards developing my intuition, and I’ve come a long way as a result…

I recently realized that I made the subconscious decision to hone my intuition a few years ago. And it was while listening to the following freestyle…

(The unlikeliest of sources, right? Haha. You really never know where you’ll get deep insights from.)

At around 3:39 , Crooked I says “my intuition and inner vision is sharp…” I don’t know why, but that line immediately resonated with me. I remember thinking about how awesome it sounded and wrote it down in a Word document for safekeeping. I would later refer to this line countless times, as well as use it as my tagline on some social media sites.

By doing this, I subconsciously set the intent to develop my intuitive abilities. And in hindsight, I’m infinitely grateful that I did this. Because in honing my intuition I now fully trust and guide myself.

Honing your intuition is one of the most empowering things you can do. It adds a magical depth to life and ultimately puts you in the driver’s seat.

How to hone your intuition:

1. Become the master of your mind. 

This allows you to transcend the ego. To stop doubting yourself. To let go of all that mental chatter that clouds your experience of the present moment. Overthinking creates unnecessary road blocks.

If you’re a slave to your overactive mind, you won’t be able to pick up on what your intuition is telling you.

An easy way to become the master of your mind is through what I call the “sky/clouds perspective.” You are the sky; and your thoughts are clouds. Simply watch the clouds pass by, without identifying with them. You’re the sky, clouds will come and go. This makes it easy to visualize and witness thoughts just passing by, without clinging to them.

Once you’re able to quiet the constant mental chatter, you’ll begin to hear the subtle whispers of intuition.

Action to take: Practice some form of meditation regularly. Don’t be intimidated. Meditation doesn’t have to be a long, difficult process. It can be as simple as setting a timer for 2 minutes and just sitting there, observing the thoughts that pop up in your head. Another simple technique is deep breathing and counting your breaths backwards from 10. Simple and effective.

For more information, check out this beginner’s guide to meditation.

2. Get in touch with your body.

Get in tune with your body. Experience through the body. Be aware of how your body feels in different situations. It’s called a “gut feeling” for a reason. Get familiar with your temple, your vehicle in this reality. As you build bodily awareness, you’re able to feel things that are inexplicable from the viewpoint of the mind.

Action to take: Regularly engage in exercise that requires bodily awareness. Bodyweight training, weight training, yoga, really any form of resistance training will hone your bodily awareness. Even simple stretching or mobility routines work well.

Note: I didn’t mention long distance running. Because you have to, in a sense, forget about your body in order to push further and further.

3. Pay attention to the signs. 

Notice how you feel in various situations. Take note of the symbolism around you. Be aware of your dreams. Things like that. Signs appear differently for everyone. And they appear differently at different times. Keep an eye out for signs, as they come in many shapes and forms, and pay attention to what they’re pointing towards.

Action to take: Write things down. If you experience something that you feel as profound, write it down. If you don’t write things down, you’ll forget about it or you won’t remember it correctly. This is how to objectively remember signs as well as decipher them.

4. Notice synchronicity. (Piggybacking off of the last point)

Synchronicity is basically when two or more things occur that are meaningfully related. Those mysterious coincidences that invoke an oddly familiar feeling from deep within your being.


textual healing (courtesy of yours truly)

Remember, pay attention to the signs…

Blake: “Sir, that could all just be a coincidence.”
Commissioner Gordon: “You’re a detective now, son. You’re not allowed to believe in coincidence anymore.”

Action to take: Write down the synchronicities or coincidences that you experience. Keep a journal, or write them somewhere. You’ll notice more and more occur and see where they’re leading.

5. Be objective.

Be able to objectively assess the world around you. Being objective is seeing reality unfiltered. This allows you to more easily become aware of your intuition, and move in whatever direction it leads to.  A crucial step in remaining objective is to be aware of cognitive biases.

Action to take: Check out this article on cognitive biases. Simply being aware of these things is transformative in and of itself.

6. Give yourself permission to be an authority. 

We live in the information age. You can literally learn anything with the click of a mouse. You no longer need to be born privileged or have a glamorized piece of paper (aka a degree) to be an authority on something. Realize that you have the opportunity and ability to develop expertise in anything. Although it can be helpful at times, you don’t have to look to “authorities” to answer every question you have.  Giving yourself permission to be an authority creates a profound sense of empowerment.

Action to take: Answer your own questions. Unless it’s a life or death situation, give yourself permission to find your own answers. Consistently doing this both increases your knowledge and your ability to act based on available information. And that’s extremely empowering.

7. Trust yourself.

Don’t doubt yourself! Trust your instincts. Trust your intuition and inner judgment. Don’t let your mind talk you out of what you deeply KNOW to be true.

This is crucial. Because if you doubt yourself, you’ll never accept (let alone follow) your intuition. You’ll be living on other people’s terms instead of your own. And that’s no fun.

So there you have it. 7 ways to hone your intuition.

Have fun on your journey.

Stay feelin’ good, feelin’ great.

-Stevie P!