The Silver Lining Method (It Works Like Magic)

silver lining

We all do things we don’t like doing…

You know what I’m talking about. Things like going to the DMV, calling a bank, calling your insurance company, getting your sink fixed…etc.

But what if I told you that these annoying to-do’s can actually transform your life?

And the same goes for any perceived challenges or struggles!

Look at the Yin/Yang symbol…

yin yang

Within the yin is a seed of the yang, and within the yang is a seed of the yin.

This applies universally. Within the struggle is a seed of opportunity. That opportunity is learning, growth and – if you’re a real master – FUN.

How to Practice the Silver Lining Method

Uncovering the silver lining in any situation in life is as simple as two steps:
1. Gratitude
2. Find the lesson in it

Now let’s briefly go over each step.

Step 1: Gratitude

There’s always something to be grateful for.

Being grateful for the smallest things can shift your whole state of being; clean water, coffee, having a car, having a smartphone, having access to the internet, your family, health…etc. Even being alive is something to be grateful for!

Breathe in deeply and feel gratitude in your heart. You can even write a list of things you’re grateful for.

I’m telling you, finding at least one thing you’re grateful for will completely shift the way you perceive any situation.

Step 2: Find the Lesson In It

There’s a lesson in everything.

And challenging situations are no exception to this. Actually, they’re way more of a learning experience then when everything is all sunshine and rainbows.

What is this situation highlighting about yourself? What is being revealed? Is impatience arising? Is social anxiety coming up? Become aware of what comes up, sit with it and learn from it. You’d be surprised at what you can learn about yourself in line at the DMV if you’re mindful.

And then there’s always cool stuff around you that you can learn.

What is the architecture of the building like? How are other people behaving? What do people’s body language say about them? What can you learn from observing someone else? Maybe the lady behind the desk at the dentist’s office is masterful at calming down angry people. Maybe the customer support person you’re on the phone with just read your favorite book.

You never know what you can learn from your surroundings if you’re mindful.

“What is the lesson here?” – That’s your new mantra for every situation. It’s your secret weapon to transmute any situation.

See, it’s really simple. Fill your heart with gratitude and find the lesson in the situation. That’s it.

Now put this silver lining method into practice the next time you find yourself resisting a “stupid obligation.”

Much Love.

– Stevie P!