The Metaphysics Of Cryptocurrency

metaphysics cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is buzzing right now.

Bitcoin is trending on social media and all of the news networks are talking about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

We’re in the early stages of “evacuating the Titanic” that is fiat currency and jumping onto other boats. And here’s the good news. There are more than enough boats for everyone.

If you want a great intro to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, start with our post here: 5 Ways Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are Changing the World

Cryptocurrency disrupts and revolutionizes so many aspects of our world. And money, or the exchange of value, is just the first use case.

Now… One of the most fascinating topics to study is the intersection of cryptocurrency and consciousness.

This video by Sevan Bomar goes DEEP into the metaphysics of cryptocurrency. Watch with an open mind and tune into your Innnerstanding.

How to Get Started In Cryptocurrency

The best place to get your feet wet is Coinbase.

It makes buying Bitcoin really easy and it’s where I started.

Here’s the link: Coinbase


– Stevie P!

Stevie P