5 Reasons Why Morning Routines Are So Important

morning routine

Here’s the process of any change…

Your Morning > Your Day > Your Life > The Lives of People You Interact With > The World At Large

It all starts with your morning!

The micro influences the macro. Your life is a series of days. Change the way you approach your days and you will make a massive change in your life.

Now I want to get into why morning routines are so important…

5 Reasons Why Morning Routines Are So Important

morning routine

1. Start Your Day Off With Intention

A morning routine sets the scene for the day. It allows you to go into your day consciously. If you start your day with mindfulness, the rest of your day will be infused with mindfulness.

2. Morning Routines Reduce Distraction

Without a routine, you fall into distraction as soon as you wake up. Think about all of the distractions: Phone, tv, kids…etc.

If this is the first thing you wake up to, you’re going into your day in a state of imbalance. And then it becomes infinitely harder to find balance during the day.

3. Morning Routines Help You Focus

Reduced distraction naturally leads to focus. Mindfulness naturally leads to focus. Get clear in the morning and you will cultivate the focus needed to accomplish anything your heart desires.

4. Morning Routines Allow You To “Check In” With Yourself

Morning routines give you awareness of your mental, emotional and physical state. This daily “check-in” allows you to be way more in tune with yourself and spot any disharmony from a mile away.

5. Morning Routines Build Momentum

With a morning routine, you set yourself up with momentum for the day. Want to build momentum towards happiness? It starts with your morning routine. Want to build momentum towards peace? It starts with you morning routine.

And remember, once you have momentum, it’s actually harder to stop than to keep going! So consciously choose what direction you want to build momentum in.

By now, I hope you’ve realized the power of morning routines.

Simply being intentional with your mornings can become the catalyst for changing your life on the biggest scale.

If you want a resource that lays out the simplest and most effective morning routine for you, check out my Mindful Morning Journal.

Change your morning, change your day, change your life.

Much love.

– Stephen Parato

Stevie P