The Lone Wolf Aura

Lone Wolf

The Lone Wolf
Liver of life

A being who consciously chooses intermittent solitude
But is never lonely

The Lone Wolf lives on its own terms
Epitomizing independence
Symbolizing strength
Existing in a rhythmic dance of dynamic resilience

Untethered by fear

Completely comfortable with self
The Lone Wolf exudes genuine confidence
Magnetizing likeminded souls
And manifesting perfect experiences

The Lone Wolf
An intriguing mystery to those around

Riding the waves of existence
With no fear or resistance
Going with the flow of life

The Lone Wolf doesn’t depend on anything for its happiness
For happiness is its natural state of being
There is no need for external validation
When oneย shows infinite love to self

The Lone Wolf interacts with any pack
Adapting to any environment
Always learning from others
Yet retaining radiant uniqueness

The Lone Wolf embraces companionship
Attracting other Lone Wolves
Independent, kindred spirits
For reasons, seasons or lifetimes

The Lone Wolf experiences everything existence has to offer
By letting go of fear
Stripping away self-doubt
And basking in infinite inner peace
As the journey continues

The Lone Wolf
Its symphonious howl
Echoes through space and time
Connecting with ‘all that is’
Resonating with the essence

Feel it within


Stevie P


  1. Stevie, your poem takes me to my journey alone to another time and space. A unique discovery that connected my soul with the largest estuary in the states, the Chesapeake Bay. It was there I discovered a deep appreciation of the currents, tides, winds and the sun rising and setting on this magnificent body of water. I fell in love with the bay as it taught me so much about myself that I never would have gotten still enough to listen to if another human being had been with me. I know you know how I feel. What a dire disservice people do to themselves when they never take the chance to connect solely to their soul~*r

  2. I have had those moments as well… The biggest fear, however, is that they are not erased from your mind, …as they get you going… and get you believe in the new discoveries. I am positive, each of us experienced those blissful moments in life when everything has had the place to be.

  3. so so amazing, that speaks about me! Thanks for expressing it & make me feel not alone!

  4. Stevie P, this is the first time in 4 years I comment on anything on the internet. But this poem made me do it. Thanks for describing my life in such a wonderful way.

    • Thank you. I’m glad it resonated with you and I greatly appreciate the kind words ๐Ÿ™‚

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