Divide and conquer
Working all too well on Planet Earth
When we attach our identity to labels
We set ourselves up for manipulation
To be played like pawns
In a chess game we can’t quite see

Who am I?
Black? White? Brown? Yellow? Purple?
American? Chinese? Italian? Indian? Native American? Kenyan?
Christian? Muslim? Jewish? Hindu? Buddhist?
Accountant? Waitress? Teacher? Musician? Farmer?
Mother? Father? Sister? Brother? Husband? Wife? Cousin?
Blonde? Brunette? Red head?
Democrat? Republican? Libertarian?
City dweller? Country folk?
Millionaire? Broke?
New York Knicks fan? Seattle Seahawks fan?
Florida Gator? Oklahoma Sooner?
Dog lover? Cat lady? Aardvark admirer?
Apple user? Loyal Samsung customer?
Activist? Feminist? Environmentalist?
Introvert? Extrovert?
Fit chick? Fat dude? Guy with the cool beard?
Mercedes owner? Amex black card holder?

None of the above

Really… Who am I?
I am not my name
I am not the color of my vessel
I am not my experiences
I am not any category

Why put ourselves in boxes?
Be infinite
Fuck a label
Be you

Choose Love, my friends.
-Stevie P


Stevie P

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